I Need A Robot...


I love my snails, but they seem to cover my aquarium in poop every day. My blue gravel makes their orangy-brown turds really pop. I looked online for a device that can clean up after them and only found robotic glass cleaners. I am wondering...

Are there robotic substrate cleaners?

If not, is there an easier way than a vacuum to keep it tidy?

Also, if you make one and make millions on this idea please share your millions with me and send me a prototype!


Lol, I've never seen such! Cool idea though.

The most obvious answer is to switch the tank to a brown/black substrate, but I know that not everyone likes the natural look in their tanks.

If you aren't will to do that, it's just a good excused to keep up with vacuuming and water changes!


Depending on your tank size you could add a wavemaker to help stir it up and push it towards the filter intake. That's what I did for my oscar.




Haha a roomba vacuum for your aquarium, that would be sick!

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