I made the plunge!

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Naeusu, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. NaeusuValued MemberMember

    So, with the installation of our new sump and the great condition of the water the other half and i decided to make the plunge and add some corals to the tank! We got a nice flourescent green Zoanthid colony and a small bright green colony of Green Star Polyps...

    Unfortunately we're already having problems...

    Our Queen Angel has been kind and left the Zoas alone but every now and then will harrass the Green Stars... On top of that the Zoas opened up nicely but the green stars only opened up once in the 3 days since i've had it. The first day it stayed closed and i thought maybe it was getting too much water flow so i backed off the flow and it came out fine! the second day it was partially out but then closed right back up. I've adjusted the lights, the water flow, and still it stays closed up...
  2. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Naeusu and congrats on the new set up. I'm sure some of our salt members will help you out before too long. I hope you can share some photos with us at some point.
    Best of luck!
  3. smileyfishValued MemberMember

    Angelfish can be dangerous around corals. It all depends on the specific angel you have. A queen angel especially can fit the polyps in its mouth and if its found a liking to them it wont stop till their all gone. Id say thats the reason the green star polyps wont open. So you have to get rid of one them. Im not sure it will do anything but if you were to quarantine them off such as putting half a bottle of soda or something over it to allow water to go in and out without the fish able to get at it and after a couple weeks or so maybe he'll forget about them and you can take them off leaving him alone. Also angelfish need either a clip with some algae every day or a constant supply in the tank. (All of this you might know but i figured id mention this)
  4. OP

    NaeusuValued MemberMember

    I try to offer the angel a variety of foods. She gets fed both frozen mysis and brine with a spirulina mix as well as live brine and a piece of seaweed each day. I alternate the frozen and live mixture (not all of it). In all honesty i probably overfeed her <.<. She's left the Star polyps alone as far as i can tell but they still refuse to come out.
  5. carlos413

    carlos413Valued MemberMember

    Welcome to the salt world, angels are 50/50 with corals. some eat them some dont. my gsp come out for a wile than hide for a wile. Id love to get a flamed angel my selfe but i dont want to risk my corals. good luck
  6. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Dwarf angels in the centropyge genus are the ones that are 50/50 with corals. Unfortunately, larger angels (pomacanthus, holacanthus, etc.) aren't going to do well with corals. Your queen angel is going to give you some problems. :(
  7. OP

    NaeusuValued MemberMember

    aww :x i've noticed her still harrassing the poor coral...i'm afraid it's going to die if it can't get it's little stars out...i don't have another tank to place her or the coral in. I supposed i'll have to give the frag back to the store.

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