I Love Technology

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Pardon me while I brag about some things I have. lol

1) I have motion detectors all around my house. No matter where you walk around my house you'll set off a light.

2) I live in a hI ranch house. When you walk into the front door you are faced with 6 stairs to go to the top level of the house and 6 stairs to go to the bottom level of the house. We have a hanging chandelier in the entrance way. Sure, you could have a 3-way switch at the bottom and top of the stairs but that's boring. lol Instead I have an electric eye on the interior wall right next to the front door. The chandelier will go on as soon as you enter the front door, as soon as you reach the top of the stairs to go down or as soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs to go up.

3) On a similar note, I also have an electric eye in the bathroom. This is great when you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning when it's still dark out. As soon as you walk into the bathroom the light goes on. It shuts off after 30 seconds if there's no motion. It's also great for when you have people over. They don't have to fumble around looking for the bathroom light. There's an override switch on it to keep the lights constantly on while you are in the shower though. There's been a few times my wife calls me while she's showering because the light turned off on her. lol

The next couple if things are all kind of related.

I used to be a DJ and I put all my cd's on my computer. The computer program I used to DJ allows me to categorize my music into all sorts of genres. While in my program I could do a search for "1980's" "Rock" "Female" and I would then get a listing of only songs that fit all those 3 categories. Awesome stuff. I made a "Favorite" category that has about 2,000 of my favorite songs.

Now my computer is hooked to my flat screen TV on the wall. In fact, that's what I'm using to type this. The audio from my computer is hooked to my home theater system. Since the computer is hooked right to the TV I can stream movies from Netflix and watch them on my big screen TV. Awesome stuff.

Now for my remote control. I have programmed my remote control to do many things. I hit the "Watch TV" button and my tv goes on the correct input and my cable box comes on. If I hit the "Watch TV in Surround" the same things happen, but then my TV gets muted and my receiver comes on the the correct input so that the TV audio is now coming through my surround sound.

I have 4 recessed lights in my TV room. They are controlled by a special dimmer switch I have. You can turn the lights on/off and dI'm them right at the wall switch but you can also control them WITH A REMOTE CONTROL!! If I hit the "Watch TV at Night" button on my remote then the tv, cable box come on and my lights turn on the the correct level!

It gets better. lol

Say I hit the "Watch BluRay" button on my remote. The TV and receiver come on to the correct inputs and my light come on. I then insert a bluray disc in and go sit on the couch. About 20 seconds later my recessed lights slowly dI'm down to the appropriate viewing level, just like a movie theater!

Say it's midnight and I'm watching TV then I want to go to bed. I simply hit the "off" button and all my components turn off except for my lights. That's because I programmed my lights to go off after about a minute AFTER you hit the off button so that you still have light as you walk to your bedroom!

Oh, I'm not done yet......

The computer in my home theater setup is ALWAYS on and is ALWAYS playing my favorite music I mentioned before. It simply plays a loop over and over. You can't always hear the music because the receiver gets turned off. All you do is select the "Listen to Music" button on my remote and you have music playing. I have also installed additional speakers in my bathroom, bedrooms and 2 sets of speakers outside. All of my home theater speakers and every other speaker inside the house are flush mounted in the ceiling. There is a separate volume control for each set of speakers in each room. You can make the volume different in each room of the house or even turn certain rooms off. The speaker in the bathroom is great for when you shower. I also have the 4 speakers outside which I mentioned above. 2 speakers are mounted in my covered deck and 2 more speakers are facing the rest of my backyard. There is a volume control for these as well. This is a great setup because you can have music all over your house and not have to blast anyone away.

Let's get back to the computer program I use for my music. This program creates it's own web page and allows me to access my music program, search my songs, change the next, play, pause songs and more from any internet connected machine. This comes in handy when having an outdoor party at my house. I can use my iphone to access my music program from all the way in the backyard and stop the music or have a new song request playing in seconds!

I also broadcast my own internet radio station using the same program via shoutcast. This is great because I don't have to load up all my music on my iphone just to listen to music. I simply search for my internet radio station on my iphone and I can have my home computer playing on my iphone! I live in Long Island and went to Florida twice last year. I was able to listen to my home computer through my iphone down there wherever I went. My wife also went to Spain last summer for a month and she could listen to the home computer over there as well!

Let's talk about slingbox. If you don't know what it is you should find out. It's a device that lets you watch your home TV from virtually ANY internet based machine in the world. All you do is connect the audio/video cables from your cable box to your sling box inputs and then connect the sling box to the tv using audio/video cables. It's really easy. Then you simply connect your slingbox to your wireless router. Once that's done you can watch your home TV from virtually ANY internet based machine. Say you have internet at your job and you're eating lunch at your desk. Instead of playing solitaire you can bring up your home slingbox and your work computer and watch your home TV! You can change channels and more, just like if you were at home. Simply use the number keys on your keyboard to change channels. If you have a DVR you can watch your recorded programs and even set it up to record something too. There is NO FEE to do this. The only thing you pay for is the actual unit which is about $150 and varies depending on what model you get. That's it. If you have an iphone or similar device then you can watch it on there. There's been times I have been a passenger in a car or waiting at an airport and I whip out my phone and am watching my home tv in seconds in HD!! How can you go wrong? Oh, my wife was also able to watch our home TV while she was in Spain!!

Technology RULES!!! I think I covered just about everything for now. lol
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C an you come to my house, please, and set up my living room?
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The older I get.....the faster technology get's
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You gave me ideas for my vacation house in HawaiI and the one in the Bahamas.x

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