I lost All my fry, but the female has still a large belly and a black spot HELP!


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Yesterday my female swortail gave birth in the main tank!!
The night before I was considering if I shall put my pregnant swordtail in the breeder because she looked close, but I decided to put her there first thing in the morning so that to observe her behaviour. When I woke up I noticed she was slimmer and I saw a baby fish swimming in front of me and being swallowed by a guppy! She had given birth overnight and all the babies were eaten, I succeeded in catching only the remaining one, but then, I don't know how, he jumped from the breeder into the tank and you can imagine what happened.

She is still a bit large at the belly and still have got a black spot near her analfin, is she still pregnant??? Shall I put her in the breeder and Will it happen soon?? Please help me before it's too late. Thanks


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Again, yes, put her in the breeder and keep an eye on her. She won't give birth all at once and as mentioned in another thread she can quite possibly hold her fry for about a year....

Also, you should still keep an eye out for other fry in the main tank....They may not all have been eaten. They are pretty smart and sometimes will burrow into the substrate and hide in and under decor to survive as well.....

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