I know how many I *can* have, but ...


... how many *should* I have?

I've recently upgraded to a much bigger tank and now I have all my fish together. Just a collection of guppies, platies, minnows and black neons, nine albino cories, five dwarf gouramis and two delightful angels.

It's a 500 litre tank, 60cm high (132 gallon, 24 inches). So I know I could get more angels.

But I seem to have managed a match made in heaven with the two I have. Not only have they bonded but did so almost immediately. I don't know what sex they are but they are just so lovely to watch. They go everywhere together, they are always aware of each other, they are gentle and attentive and solicitous.

Do I want to add more angels in and potentially stress them out if it's the wrong mix? Do angels in big tanks *need* more of their own kind?

Here they are. Westley and Buttercup.



If it ain't broke, why mess with it? Though i do understand the appeal of more angels, i lean to the side of "now why would i add more stress to my life...."


They are juveniles still. They will get much bigger. That said at 500 liters thats about 130 gallons. You could have 6-8 angels by themselves in a tank that size, maybe squeeze in a few more if the social dynamics work.

The problem though is that those are juveniles and everything is fine until they mature. Once they hit maturity if one is a female, they will both get territorial and aggressive, and adding more angels to the mix = constant fighting over the female.. They should pair and get along fine by themselves mostly, but they will be a terror to the rest of the tank.

Also I would say those angels are going to get big. 4"+ diameter body sizes. I'd let them grow and see if the dynamic changes. This is 4 adult males, never spawned and just as peaceful as the 20 juveniles I put in with them, however when the juveniles mature and a female matures all heck is gonna break loose.
You can. You should if you have a place to put them if it doesn't work out, you shouldn't if you don't have a backup plan to separate them.
the more angels you have together the higher chances there will be a female at maturity and once they hit that point it becomes aggressive and territorial. Where you're at, you have two angels. If one is female they will pair and that ends the fighting mostly. If both are male it's going to be fine and nothing changes much at maturity. If two females they might pair or might take territory to lay eggs each that can't be fertilized, but it's pretty peaceful unless they want the same spaces.

Honestly I'd give it 6 months, see what happens when they grow and mature. They will get big in and 500 liters should be at least 4" bodies, 6" with fins each minimum really, they are gonna get 4x bigger.
If after 6 months the dynamic doesn't change and they are mature and don't lay eggs, add some more juveniles, or more male adults. To fill it out but you might find that the two big fish are enough and decide to add something else instead.

Ps, beautiful tank!

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