I just wanted to make everyone aware of this...

  1. uncclewis

    uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    So, I do not know if you all know, but my clown loaches seem to me to like to eat neon and cardinal tetras. They have nearly killed all of mine, so if you ever were curious if they would, they do! However, they prefer neons over shrimp red cherry shrimp, but prefer ghost shrimp over those. Just thought you all might be interested to know... :)

    It seems like they chase them to death then eat them once they are dead. I had 20, now I have 3. LOL

    But also, they were chased by my few zebras too.
  2. slayer5590

    slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    Clowns can be highly predatory most of the larger loaches are.