I just spotted green dots under my Ghost Shrimp

Discussion in 'Ghost Shrimp' started by Snorre, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Snorre

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    I need help with deciding what i should do. i think I want to try to rais them, but what do I do with them afterwords? I am thinking of getting a small 12 gallon tank by the end of summer months, maybe I could put them in therer. Anyone have sugestions?
    I was also wondering what kind of care they and the mother will need? I am thinking of getting a small plastic tank, but does it need filtration, light and heat? I have a Fluva U1 underwater filter, would that be a bit overkill in a very small tank, would it even be safe for little baby shrimps?
    Pleas tell me all you know :) Thanks, and sorry for my bad english. I couldn't bother with spell-checking :D
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  2. Butterfly

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    Do you have fish in the tank that would eat baby Shrimp?
    If not there is enough excess food hiding in the tank as well as little bacterial critters growing in the tank to feed them so there isn't much to do for them.
    What kind of shrimp are they?

  3. OP

    SnorreNew MemberMember

    There is other fish in the tank, and they are Ghost Shrimp.
  4. Butterfly

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    Unless there is plenty of bottom cover the fish will eat them. another tank with lots of plants or decor that's been in another tank wiould work good. Thye will eat the microscopic critters growing on the stuff from another tank.
  5. aquaman86

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    I would isolate them in a separate tank to ensure that all the babies doesn't get gobbled up by fishes. Also add plants in the tank for food source.