I Just Love Cory's So Much!! Does Anybody Else?

  1. graceo Member Member

    I seriously love Cory cats, they're one of my favourite fish, for sure. Anybody wanna share cute stories or pictures about their cory's??
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

  3. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Hi Grace,

    Yep, I love my cory. I fall in love with them, so cute.
    Here, you can view some of mine, and other fish: Fanatic's 31g
  4. graceo Member Member

    @Fanatic what a lovely tank!! Super cute cories too i also love tetras and danios c:
  5. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, I'm really attached to the tank.
  6. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Just made these in venezuelan paradise e1cde6e8b42c1a61481b49dc908e4a85.jpg 1e3398114a20d27e7423a638d06aa4f0.jpg 36cf20769ff5208c4f65dec0a9bfca40.jpg 9b6cabac82af3ee15a9d04f9589a46e2.jpg 7f5c3a2744e606a46f831a04bdeef450.jpg 4b78a03918cb3cdf513ef2d5e3e1a028.jpg
  7. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Look at how their barbels touch the food, weird!
  8. graceo Member Member

  9. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Good to have another cory fan on board :)
    You like cute, cory fry a few hours old.
    There's more cory pics in my album

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  10. graceo Member Member

  11. Over It Well Known Member Member

    I love them! Here's a few pics of mine. Hopefully getting 3 more Sterbai today! 443f04462de58c410b369aace3739900.jpg 5b0cbaccb9b1a1e18f30ea35878cf5e6.jpg 13175e4367f7e1a544e5894d58fa0abd.jpg 1dbfa814f92ba783b01cdc9547a1e6d0.jpg 1e0cb0374d02a503a25f14752dcff684.jpg
  12. graceo Member Member

  13. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    Don't have any pics but I will take some soon , my corydoras paleatus just keep breeding , I have eggs almost every week or so!! Currently raising their fry. Also my sterbais just breed for the 3rd time yayy.

    awesome pics from everyone who posted above!!
  14. graceo Member Member

    @JesseMoreira06 I have some paleatus as well, and this one older girl has eggs constantly!
  15. Allie2011 Member Member

    Got a school to try out in my tank and end up falling in love with them so much that they are now in half my tanks. I have so much fun watching them wiggleing around eatting