55 Gallon Tank I haven't seen my Kuhlis since I bought them!


I got three KuhlI loaches the other day. I have not seen them since I brought them home. I know that three is not enough, and the LFS is ordering me 3 more. Water parameters show no ammonia, so I don't think they died. I'm at 0,0,10. I wondered if I stressed them out because I put them in my Q tank, and then saw that my dwarf gourami got beat up so I put him in there instead, and moved the Kuhlis to my main tank cause I think their incessant swimming in the Q tank was stressing out the dwarf even more. I know, risky business. Oh, I take that back! One just shot out from under his rock to get the food pellet. Now I'm happy!


Haha! From what other people have said, these guys are hardly ever seen. You may want to move stuff about every week or so just to get a head count?


Yeah get more kuhlis and they should come out more often. I have 3 myself and they're always out and about doing acrobats in the plants. They are very entertaining once they settle in. They could also just be shy since they are new.


I have four kuhlis in my 55gal and I only see them at feeding time, really. My gold dojo loach and yoyo loach are out more than the kuhlis are! Heck, I think I see my two otos and BN pleco more than I see the kuhlis, come to think of it.


Here Kuhli, Kuhli, Kuhli! Come out, come out wherever you are!

(couldn't resist) lol



I had 3 kuhlis in my 125 and hardly ever seen them and when I added 3 more they are out all the time


My kuhlis seem to vanish from time to time, only to pop up again later. Since they're mostly nocturnal, you won't be seeing much of them, although feeding right before you turn off the lights might help.


we have 8 in one of our tanks and they are out all the time, of late they have been climbing and resting in the plants.


They got comfortable and are now out a lot!


that's good to hear, I am looking at putting a few of these guys in my tank. I had heard the bigger the group the more they will be out. Glad yours warmed up to the place.


I will be getting 5 for my 55 gallon soon, glad to hear they are the active characters I thought they would be haha!


I can't wait to get more Khulis in my new 56 gallon tank. I just have to wait until it cycles first. I'm so excited....

I currently have 5 khulis in my other tank.
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