I Have Some Questions


I have some question here

1. what is the white things on the glass and my biofoam ? its moving but not much
2. my shirmp tank (planted tank) surface is oily , is it biofilm ? and what will happen if I didnt feed them (algae wafer , boiled vegetables etc) ? they won't eat each other right ?
3. any alternative assassins snail's food ? I just started assassins snail tank but didnt have any pond snail anymore , will they eat sinked pellets?


1. Not sure from the pic alone. Slow like baby snail? Do they swim or just move across the surfaces?
2. Sounds like the tank has some sort of imbalance maybe. How old is your tank? What plants do you have? How many assassins? How much are you feeding everything?
Shrimp can live in a well established tank without any added food for a very long time with little effect but they are much happier and healthier with some supplemental feeding. 1-3 times a week would thrill them. They can be cannibalistic but typically only with fry and already dead tank mates I would not worry at all.
3. Assassins will go nutty for most meaty foods as far as I know but Shrimp and blood worm based foods sound like are favored especially the shrimp ones(Dont worry about your living shrimp though as they seldom are a problem for healthy shrimp)

Educated guess would be, maybe your over feeding as this is most likely the problem as it explains it all, the oily stuff is it braking down slower then the tank can handle but plants can cause the oily stuff to if they are decaying. What the white stuff that is moving is probably the little things we don't know are living there in a healthy tank can become very apparent when they breed because of extra food source.

If this is the case just reduce feeding and cycle the water(small and slow amounts as shrimp get stressed if its quick or to much) nothing to sweat as a lot of people over feed from time to time or when they don't know better yet.

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