I have some questions about shrimp


Hey guys, so I have some questions about shrimp. Here they are! (FYI, I am a beginner shrimp keeper and have never kept shrimp before) richiep

Info about my parameters:

I have soft water (4-8 degrees) with a ph of 8.0

1. Are crystal shrimp good for beginner shrimp keepers OR are they hard to keep?

2. As a beginner shrimp keeper which should I go for, red cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp?

3. What is the temp red cherry shrimp and crystal shrimp thrive at?

4. What are the best foods to feed shrimp and shrimp fry?

I have one more question about BacterAE, a shrimp food. (if you are not sure about this question, it's fine!) To prepare BacterAE, you mix it up with water and then feed it, right? If so, on videos it seems like the food is just like tasty water since the BacterAE mixed with water is so thin, how do shrimp eat it, if at all?

Any other extra info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!


Cherries are normally the beginners shrimp wether red,blue,green,yellow your perameters are about the same
Temp 20 to 25 but best at 22.5
TDS 180-250 but I've seen higher and lower
Gh6-10 dont let it go below 6
Kh & ph work together a kh of 4+ will keep your ph stable
Ph 7-8
Those perameters can be found in tap water but I know some will say they have them outside what I've written,
If you can keep within the above your colony will thrive,
Go outside these and long term affects will come into play but ill not go into that for now let's see what you've got firstid recommend a minimum size tank of 10gal by doing this you keep better control of your water

Crystal shrimp Black bee
Many say they are hard to keep that hard bit only comes if they don't listen or try and go it alone,
I have local people who are novices keeping these shrimp as a first, this can be done if you are willing to listen but it won't happen in the water you have youll need a supply of ro water either from your lfs or you produce your own with a ro unit,
Bactor ae only comes to life when added to water releasing microorganisms and loads of other stuff into the water where it clings to any surface it touches this then starts to grow and become a vital part of baby shrimp food which intearn gives a higher survival rate, dosage is a lot less than stated on the tub and fed according to how many shrimp you have in other words its increased slightly when young are born, Bactor can be a problem again if you don't take advise and throw tumps in.
We have some excellent shrimpers here on fishlore now and as you'll find they are willing to help, so listen to their advise and take from it bits that suite you, if you mess things up be straight and tell us what you've done, late & lack of information could result in the loss of shrimp.
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