I Have Recently Set Up A 5 Gallon Aquascape (no Filters Or Heaters)

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  1. TimothyHartwick

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    Recently I set up a 5 gallon aquascape with no heater or filter. I've noticed a lot of snails and snail eggs. I was wondering how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance
  2. Pat93

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    If you don’t have a filter, snails are a solution!
    Having many of them is Usually an indication of overfeeding though I’m pretty sure your just talking about some hitchhikers that came in with the plants that you don’t want in the tank for aesthetic reasons?

    In that case I hear certain medicines that are plant safe completely kill shrimp and snails.

    If there are no fish in the tank yet that seems like it’s worth a shot. You can also just manually remove them and the eggs sacs, don’t crush them And leave them in the tank because your just making more snail food and will get more snails.

    Still though I’d like to restate that if you don’t have a specific look your going for. In a low tech tank, snails are not a pest they are beneficial in my opinion and you may have a small population boom at first but that is just your tanks ecosystem coming to balance. Once again in my opinion. So take that as you will. Lol
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  4. Pat93

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    I always forget about assasin snails
    I really really want some lol
  5. OP

    TimothyHartwickValued MemberMember

    Thank you so much for taking your time and answering my question, may I know the solution that will kill the snails and is safe for the plant? The only thing I came across was copper sulfate. And if I ignore them and just manually remove them how long does that go on for? Like a week or forever? Again I really appreciate you answering my question.

    Thanks for the idea but I really don't like to add more snails.
  6. Pat93

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    As I said I’m not really positive as to why you want to get rid of the snails in the first place, or how the snails got the tank initially so I can’t really help you further in going about getting rid of them until I have that info.

    If you don’t have a filter, isn’t the tanks ecosystem supposed to naturally filter the water? If so, Snails are a part of that ecosystem it’s seems it would be unwise to remove them suddenly. if you really want them gone you should let the population diminish naturally so your ecosystem isn’t thrown off balance

    Maybe I’m wrong idk, maybe your doing something way different then what I’m thinking lol

    either way I’ve never tried dosing medicine or anything of any sort to kill snails so I’m probably not the best person to get advice from on that. Copper sulfate is what my research brings up as the answer as well.

    As for manual removal the time that takes all depends on how many hiding spots there are in your tank and how good your eyes are
  7. fjh

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    I think manual removal is the best way to go. Remove any visible snails and eggs (shouldnt be that hard in a 5g) whenever you see them. And check any new plants you get for snails or eggs or use a salt bath. If you start now (before the snails become established) it shouldnt be that hard. Snail traps can be useful if you get frustrated.

    You could also use copper. Copper sulfate will kill your snails (like you said) but it will be very difficult to get rid of all the copper down the road, so if you want to keep shrimp or something the road, do not use this method.

    You can also add something that eats snails. Assassin snails (as mentioned above), puffers, loaches, crayfish, etc will all eat snails. Not sure what you were planning on stocking in this tank (if anything) or if you have another tank you can move a snail-eater from, but this is probably the least work-intensive method. If you go for this method, just make sure the fish is either suitable for the tank or has another home once the snails are gone.
  8. OP

    TimothyHartwickValued MemberMember

    The reason i want to get rid of them is because they could possibly crawl out of the tank (not really sure) and I'm pretty sure they got transferred from some of my plants. I also wasn't going to stock it, wanted an only planted tank. And if I ignore this snail situation wouldn't they just multiply?

    And I have another problem, whenever I move a plant the soil rises up causing it to be cloudy (especially if I do water changes) .

    I have another tank (75 gallons) but the stocking wouldn't be right. And to get rid of the copper, would i need to do massive water changes? And thank you for replying.
  9. fjh

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    Ive always been too terrified to use copper myself, but my understanding is that WCs wont get rid of it all. I would not do this if you are going to keep inverts.
  10. OP

    TimothyHartwickValued MemberMember

    Ok I'll stick to manually taking them out. Thank you.
  11. fjh

    fjhWell Known MemberMember

    You are welcome, and good luck!