I Have No Idea

  1. boate1997 Member Member

    This was dropped off at my lfs and they had no idea what fish it is. I am curious to know. It is about a foot in lenght.
  2. boate1997 Member Member

    I realize the face is blocked but one defining feature is ut has small whiskers like a koi has.

  3. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Lol I genuinely wanted this to be a common carp because that would be hilarious.

    But the dorsal fin doesn't match, red fin tips, and it's too skinny. Aww. Good luck, I'm curious too.
  4. Cheesearmada Member Member

    Looks like a freshwater common roach.

  5. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    It looks malnurished for sure.

    I've looked at thousands of koi and the shape is wrong and the coloration is off as well, so I'm nearly sure it isn't a koi.

    I was thinking of a roach carp instead

    Edit: beat by @Cheesearmada
  6. Cheesearmada Member Member

    Yes it is definitely malnourished. Just search "roach fish" in your search engine.
  7. scarface Well Known Member Member

    Grass carp. Not 100% sure on that. Would like to see the mouth and the caudal fin looks a bit too deeply forked.

  8. scarface Well Known Member Member

    The body is too rounded and torpedo shaped, which lead me to believe grass carp more than roach. roach has a more flattened body.
  9. Cheesearmada Member Member

    Its a roach, if you notice the fins have little red tips on them. Grass carp don't really have those features.
  10. boate1997 Member Member

    Yeah it matvhes that perfectly.

  11. boate1997 Member Member

    Question now is can i get it and put it um my pond, i have comets in there and it looks stunted.
  12. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    I'm cracking up - is this a grocery store rescue?
  13. Cheesearmada Member Member

    I'd ask the people down in the ponds section.
  14. boate1997 Member Member

    I have no idea. I think it was kept ing a 55 for its life
  15. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    You can put it in your pond, but they do get to a good size; it might be stunted, but I think putting it in your pond than it living its life out in an LFS tank

    what kind of pond?
  16. boate1997 Member Member

    Its a 75 gallon plastic tub but i am upgrading right now to a 100 gallon stock tank with a 35 gallon over head sump.
  17. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Unless I miscounted, Roach have 35 lateral scales, which I did count. And grass have 42.

    And it still might be pretty young, they have the torpedo shape as juveniles/sub-adults, and when get older, then they get that nice flat look to them
  18. boate1997 Member Member

    Well i will go there tomorrow and see how much they want it for. They my cut me a deal for iding the fish.
  19. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    You "could" since they usually get up to a little more than a foot. but its not uncommon for them to get twice that size, and 100g is pretty small for these fish. And if I'm wrong, and it is a grass carp, those guys get even bigger.

    Imo, I think 100g is too small for any carp (koi included) or the common goldfishes...do you have any other plan for your pond instead?
  20. boate1997 Member Member

    I could go with the 2ftx2ftx6ft 169 gallon stock tank