40 Gallon Tank I Have No Idea What To Stock This Tank With//afd Question?


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So, a lot has happened since I last made a post on this site, but essentially I moved in February, upgraded my 40 to a 65 when I did so, and just recently decided to set my 40 breeder up again. The substrate is Fluval Stratum, the filter is a Marineland Penguin 200B (rated for about 50 or 55 gallons I think) the light is an LED bar (not really sure the specs on it but it's from Petsmart and came with my 65 ensemble), and the plants so far include anubias, staurogyne repens, jungle Vallisneria, rotala, subwassertang, lucky bamboo (emersed), and a peace lily (emersed, in the breeder net). Most of these plants are samples from other tanks, so they're very small still and will take a while to grow in. For ornaments, there's a pretty large castle and a medium/small geometric sphere.

So far, all I have in there is some adolescent mystery snails and probably a couple of pond snails that hitchhiked from other tanks on the plants. I'm really not sure what to put in this bad boy, and I'm really open to suggestions.

Also, I have 3 or 4 African Dwarf Frogs in a 10-gallon tank currently that I was thinking of moving over so they'll have much more room to move around, but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea or not. I know dwarf frogs still need to be able to reach the surface but aren't the greatest swimmers, but I've seen several differing opinions on how deep the water can be for them. Some sources I've seen say 12-15 inches max, others say up to 20, but a 40 breeder is about 17 inches tall, minus an inch or two of substrate. Do you think it would be okay to put my frogs in this tank once it's ready to introduce stock?

Thank you in advance for any advice or tips


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I have had them in a standard 55 with no issue. I tried to have a few higher resting areas which some used and some didn't. The castle may be enough for this.

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