I have more fry and am not sure what to do


Kind of a moral dilemma.

As you know, I've got a bunch of fry in a 2.1g nano cylinder I set up. They look really nice in there. And seem to be doing quite well.
But of course they are going to get bigger. And that is where I will run into a problem. They will need moved out of that nano setup long before they are of suitable size to either go back in with the adults or the LFS to (hopefully) take them off my hands. And I really don't want to move them in with the adults. That would make that tank overstocked.
And now I have another batch of babies finding their way into the sump...

I think the first thing I need to do is get rid of the male. But what about all the fry? Do I keep raising them? Do I get a breeder box? I'm not sure I understand breeder boxes anyway. No plants, no substrate... they seem like a good way to overcrowd fish. More so than putting them in a small tank to grow out. But of course setting up a small tank also means doing a fish-in cycle... But it's not that hard to drain and fill most of the water every day. But I really don't want to set up another tank just for these Platies. Not a full size tank anyway. I really wish I had gotten rid of that male a month ago. And there's another female ready to give birth...

So I guess I got myself into this pickle. I'm thinking another tank, let them grow, maybe keep one or two and get rid of the rest. That seems the morally responsible thing to do. What size tank would I need for 2-3 dozen fry?

I'm sure there must be members here whose fish are breeding, but they do not necessarily want the fry. What do you do?
My problem is my tank. It has a sump area they find their way into. At least some of them. It doesn't really feel right to net them out and toss them back into the main tank to take their chances. But that would certainly solve my problem.

I need some input and to banter this around with someone who found themselves in the same position.


I got a few tanks for fry and growing out . ;)
50+ tanks later you have to make decisions you can live with .
Even if you get rid of the male a female can produce fry for a long time after he is gone , not to mention I bet there is a male in the fry just waiting to be the new king !


Yeah, these Platy were a stupid idea.


Yeah, these Platy were a stupid idea.
Live bearers are ton of fun .
But they can add up quick like rabbits .
I used to take my swordtails to my LFS .
I was shocked to get $1 store credit for each!
The owner would ask for 50 and I would bring him 100 and say the second 50 could be half price .
$75 was good for fish food and supplies ..


Nothing wrong with leaving the fry in so some get ate. We just leave the fry in, so the few that sirvive were the ones at least smart enough to hide the first week or so. The adults usually seem to ignore them after that. Darwinism in action!


As coralbandit pointed out, getting the male out of there isn't going to solve this problem. The female is the one that would have to go since she can produce fry several more times after the male is gone.

Is there any way you can block access to the sump to keep them from getting out of the main tank? If so do you have fish in the main tank that will eat the newborns? If you can't block it off and you don't have a fish that will eat them maybe get one or two and put them in the sump. If you can block it off make sure you have fish in the tank that will actively hunt them. Zebra danios worked for me during the short time I had mollies.

This is the main reason I don't have livebearers in my tank now.Too many babies to have to deal with so the mollies are no longer with me. With all the corys I have and how prolific they are in my tank I couldn't handle having fish that added so many babies each month or so. At least with corys it is normally just one or two that actually hatch at a time. Although eggs are laid almost daily very few of them actually have a chance to hatch before being eaten.


I did have a screen over the sump's intake, but then the pearl weed would clog it up and I'd have issues with regulating the water flow. The pump would pump it's compartment (and the heater's) darn near dry. And I'll bet this is why the peal weed keeps getting uprooted. Probably the fish rooting around for the fry.

I did just get rid of a couple in the nano by not putting a shrimp net over the hose I use to siphon. It could do with losing a lot more, but they got wise to me.

I'll have to ask the LFS if they want any. But I imagine they have a lot of customers asking them the same question. Maybe I can at least get rid of the current adult females. Then if the fry make it, just keep some males.

I still think I'll check into one of those little tanks Wallyworld sells. Something I can move the fry into and not have scaped to the point they would be hard to net. It probably wouldn't hurt to have an emergency use tank on hand anyway.


Yeah, these Platy were a stupid idea.
We have all made some choices of fish we should have given more thought. One of my first fish were Platys and then Guppy. Silly me, I did learn quite a bit, sold some, traded some even gave them away. My Angels and Discus were fed well.


A used aquarium or plastic storage tub with a cycled sponge filter can be a good temporary grow out/quarantine tank. When you are done you put the filter back in the main tank and empty the tank untill you need it next.


I'm curious.
Can a heater be put in a plastic tub/bin without using the suction cups? As if you were placing it into a glass sump?
Wondering if anyone has done this.


I use heaters in Rubbermaid cans and 5g buckets 24/7 for last couple years .
No problems here ..
I use titanium heaters that sit on bottom of bucket or barrel .


Good info. Thanks

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