i have a t-5 coralife light what bulbs are best?? Question

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    wadesharp New Member Member

    the title explains it what kind would work the best? right now i have the stock bulbs in it... the normal florescent and the plant growing one. it worked great when i had live plants but they got way to out of control and i got rid of them. i was just wondering sense i just found out that there are tons of different t-5 bulbs for every different reason. what do you use and why and would would be my best bet for my piranha tank
  2. mathas

    mathas Well Known Member Member

    If you no longer have live plants, the only consideration should be what looks best to you.

    Most people tend to prefer viewing bulbs that have a correlated color temperature rating between 6500K and 10000K. If your hood is set up so that one bulb is front of the other rather than having the two bulbs end-to-end, you could try mixing two different bulbs, maybe one 6700K and one 10000K to achieve a nice balance.
  3. OP

    wadesharp New Member Member

    alright thanks and yea i can mix and match to like you said how the hood is set up