I have a space...suggestions for a replacement please?

  1. orbelina Member Member

    Evening hope everyone is well and has had a good day...:D
    Okay I (unfortunately) now have a space in my 180l tank but am really struggling with ideas of what I would like to put in...
    I really like killifish or kribs (I'm guessing the latter would be too aggressive for a community tank)
    I really need something that either doesn't mind being the only one in the tank or at the very most would only need a pair? Any suggestions please? :confused:
  2. orbelina Member Member

    Actually scrub that I will have three spaces after losing one yesterday the other two have become really aggressive (have a feeling that's what happened to the other one)
    I'm thinking they may be going back to the lfs they came from...still any suggestions for replacements??

  3. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    What kind of fish are you talking about that are to aggressive?
  4. orbelina Member Member

    The kribensis I've been told they are semi aggressive

  5. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    My kribs are nice as can be but I probably wouldn't put them in anything of that size. 55 gallons or larger they do well in, I would be worried about running into aggression in a smaller tank.

    I would up your schools of corys and otos up to atleast 6. Then personally I wouldn't add anything else except maybe up the schools of rasboras and tetras up to 10. You have a lot of gouamis and I could see that eventually leading to aggression issues. You could probably get away with maybe adding a couple platy.
  6. fighter55 Member Member

    You could try a Honey Gourami. They aren't aggressive at all.
  7. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    According to the OP's aquarium info there are already 6 gouramis in this tank I would not add anymore personally.

  8. fighter55 Member Member

    I thought she lost some, but oh well.
  9. fighter55 Member Member

    Oh. They were kribs my bad.
  10. orbelina Member Member

    I lost a pearl gourami yesterday and am planning on returning Tue remaining two as they are getting aggressive...I have a nasty feeling that is why I lost one yesterday...there always seemed to be two against one...but my others are fine with each other, don't want anymore though...

  11. fighter55 Member Member

    You could try more Rams. I adore my Electric Blue and Gold Rams.
  12. orbelina Member Member

    Would gold rams be okay with gbr's?
  13. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Gold rams are just a color morph of GBRs.

    How long is your tank? If it's any shorter than 4 feet, I wouldn't do more than one pair of rams (or any bottom-dwelling cichlids).
  14. orbelina Member Member

    That's kind of my thinking too its only three feet....we were going to get Sid(the male gbr) another girlfriend, but when they went into the new tank they settled straight down and I don't have any problems with that pair now ....I don't want to upset the balance
  15. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    rams and apistos, cichlids in general usually, dont do well in trios. one female always gets killed by the pair.
  16. davebowden Member Member


    Try Parkinson rainbowfish, a bit dull when young, but very colourful as adult.:;hi1
  17. orbelina Member Member

    Thanks will look into that my son said ages ago he would like a rainbow fish...
  18. orbelina Member Member

    I think the rainbow fish would probably be a bit big really plus my water is far too acidic for them apparently and I don't want to start messing with the Ph thing lol I have enough stress already lol...
  19. davebowden Member Member


    maybe some angle fish ??:;bmu
  20. orbelina Member Member

    Lol not keen on angelfish....I'm really liking the look of killifish ....so I'm just doing lots of reading on them at the moment...just about to pose yet another question in a new thread ....again lol....seriously they will chuck me off this forum in a bit cause I never stop asking questions :p