I Have A Freshwater Prawn Question

  1. Turbo2324

    Turbo2324 Valued Member Member

    Hey so I’ve bought a freshwater prawn and I’ve just found one of my new runny nose tetras half eaten and I want to know if this could have been the prawn? Image1527670627.484235.jpg IMG_0943.JPG
  2. D

    DutchAquarium Well Known Member Member

    Yes, most likely the prawn did do this. I wouldn't get rid of the prawn though, that's a hard find.
  3. OP

    Turbo2324 Valued Member Member

    Ok I thought so and my lfs seems to have them all the time idk wether no one around here is interested in them as they aren’t the prettiest of things to keep or they just get a lot of them in so I kind of do want to get rid of him as I don’t want my baby angelfish or any others getting eaten