I have a baby panda!

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    Okay so I've been wanting to post about this but I know the rules: no picture, it didn't happen. :) But this ill guy was soooooo hard to spot AND picture. These are pretty cruddy but they will have to do. He doesn't sit still and he is sooooooooooo tiny!!!! Spotted him purely on chance and accident! I didn't know my pandas had even spawned!

    I'd love to catch this guy and put him in a breeder net.... But it would be an impossible feat. And I don't want to risk hurting him. He's sooooo tiny. I figure, he survived this long to hatch and grow large enough for me to see him.... Ill just leave him be and hope he survives. Kinda hard to keep track of him thou. I don't always see him. I have noticed he hides a lot.

    Again, these are really primitive but he is there!!! Hiding on a piece of faux coral.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1357944027.542174.jpg
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1357944050.398113.jpg
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1357944067.616099.jpg

    Can anyone tell/show me what Cory eggs look like? I'm still n shock that I have a baby!!!
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    p.s. I can't see it :)
  3. OP

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    Lol as soon as he cooperates ill try and get a better pic lol

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    Yay, congrats! I maybe can see it, either that or I hope to see it so hard that mind over matter.
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    I just recently had some baby snails appear so I know your excitement :)
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    Yay! How big is he? The only pic I could make him out in was the third one.
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    I have some old film macros of peppered Cory eggs, and a couple of shots of the fry as it is coming out of the egg. Not digital quality, but kind of cool. I will post them this weekend.
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    Panda cories lay one egg at a time, placing them usually on the underside of plant leaves. So they are harder to spot then other cories who lay multiple eggs at a time and put them on the aquarium walls. They look like little balls and are usually clearish when layed. Other fish love to eat them, including the adults if they can find them. Pandas don't seem to be as egg hungry as some other cory species-maybe they hide them better. Good luck with your little cutey.
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    Thanks for the info and well wishes!
    I checked out those pics and I entirely missed seeing anything that even looked close to that. But I'm definitely gunna be looking for em now!!!

    He's really tiny. Maybe 1/4 an inch?
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    Omg you guys, I'm soooooo excited!

    First off, I have what I believe to be better pictures of 'the' baby. (Notice the quotes) I think this 'guy' is growing like crazy because in a matter of a few days, I can spot him easier. And he seem bigger. Well either that or I was loosing my marbles over the weekend lol

    Plus! I go to try And take pictures today and I find THREE babies!! I can't tell you how excited I am! It took numerous tries just to get 4 pandas to 'take' in my tank. I wanted a school of 8 and intended on trying to add more very soon. Again. For the fourth time. A few other members in my area and a reputable LFS have had similar problems...all from different breeder sources (obviously). So we've kinda narrowed it down to area water and possibly TDS since pandas are sooooo sensitive. So! Of the 4 survivers, I concluded that they are just a hearty bunch (that have grown like mad, might I add). :) Soooooo maybe they produced some hearty babies! They survived egg munching, and parental eating, and other fish eating them when they were tinier, and finding food, etc etc etc etc...... All without my breeder net interception because I didn't even know I had a spawn on my hands! So I'm still going to hope and pray they continue to survive on their own without intervention (I don't think I could catch them anyway lol)

    Okay so now that I sound ridiculously GIDDY over fishy babies.....

    Two behind the 'dragon' and 1 on the right side by the yellow jewel
    1 Two behind the 'dragon' and 1 on the right side by the yellow jewel.jpg

    1 lil guy in front of the dragon, on top of the jewel
    2 1 ill guy in front of the dragon, on top of the jewel.jpg

    By the base of plant
    3 1 ill guy in front of the dragon, on top of the jewel.jpg

    4 By the base of plant.jpg

    Between base of plant and blue jewel
    5 Between base of plant and blue jewel.jpg

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    Sorry about the misturned pictures. They looked fine on my device when I uploaded them :;dk
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    Congrats on the little ones :D
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    Congrats, they're so cute!

    Pictures are fixed. :)
    Something about uploading them from a mobile device.
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    Thanks for the fixes :)
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    They are so cute!! I'd really love to have Panda Cories soon. One day I will. :)
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    <--- happy Fe

    Omg yay! My hubbie just spotted 4 babies and they all appear to be grow'n good! I hope they all survive and grow well. That would mean I would finally have my school of 8!
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    Keep the pics coming! They do seem a lot bigger than the first pic you posted :)
  20. OP

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    More pics from this morning. 'Cause I can! :)

    Only spotted 3 this morning, but the 4th might have been in the cave. I actually wonder if that is where the cory laid the eggs since the other fish don't seem to go in there much...

    I also was able to spot the babies almost instantaniously this morning when I turned the lights on. The last number of days I've had to really Sherlock Holmes the tank!

    on the bottom-left-portion of the rock
    a baby panda by my newest 'baby' mystery (not quite full grown)

    on the substrate. slightly down and to the left of the yellow gem

    by the base of the 'coral'

    center stage :) just below the top yellow gem

    Baby, to the right of adult