I have 3 questions

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1. Is it safe to add fish from different continents?

2. Do I only have to do the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle once?

3. Is the Mini-Bow 5 a good aquarium to start with?
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It is safe to add fish from different continents as long as their temperments are compatible and they can live in the same water conditions. You would not want to combine fish that require different ph levels for instance. A 5 gallon aquarium is pretty small for any fish other than a betta. I would go for a twenty gallon if you have room for it. It is still a pretty small tank, but you will be able to have more fun stocking the tank. If your tank is to small you will have a hard time regulating the water chemistry and will be constantly having to do water changes. I hope this helps!
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1 You can as long as their water requirements and temperment ect. are compatible.

2 If you cycle your tank correctly yes you only got to do it once.

3 No I think if you start in an ity bity tank you can't experience the fun of really stocking a tank. basically you can fit a betta in that tank OR some (3) elders livebearer OR maybe a trio of shrimp.
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What type of fish are you interested in?

Ideally you should get a 20gal or bigger as larger tanks are easier to maintain, but don't go less than 10gal or I think you'll find yourself regretting it later, as it severely limits your fish choices and is harder to keep. You could keep a betta in a 5gal though if that's really the biggest tank you can get.
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Welcome to Fishlore.

Yes, you can add fish from different continents if they're compatible with each other.

Cycling a tank is something that hopefully only needs done at the beginning of having the tank but sometimes meds or other things can cause mini-cycles or a broken cycle which would make it necessary to get the tank cycled again.

I would recommend a larger tank to start with if you're wanting more fish. The general guideline for smaller fish is 1 gallon per adult inch and for medium to large fish you'll need even more space.
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Please Don't buy a 5G tank, start at least with a 10 gallon.....u will miss the fun of fish keeping if u buy a smaller tank, u can't keep anything other than a betta in a 5 g!

Actually it doesn't matter from which continent the fish r, fish from same continents may not be compatible for each other, its the behavior, temperature and feeding requirements that is important when u choose compatible tank mates. Like angels and oscars r from same continent but they r not compatible..............
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1) It is 100% safe to add fish from different continents - just as long as they will not fight, and have the same water requirements.

2)Yes. Apart from if you manage to somehow kill of all the filter bacteria.

3) No. You should start with a tank of at least 20 gallon (75 litre) capacity.
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1)They will be just fine. Just don't get fish too different in size and don't keep cichlids with anything but their own kind
2)I always keep my tank cycling and it will never stop it is completely healthy for your tank to cycle
3)Its okay. But u can't keep much though
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The answer to two of the questions is 7. lol

But seriously,
1) Yes it is safe, I have some from S. America, Asia, C. America, and even Africa all in the same tank.
2) You should only have to go through it unless you change the filter and remove all the filter media.
3) A 5 gallon is a good betta tank, but if you want a small school of something, a minimum of a 15 gallon is needed.
Hope it helps. And welcome to fishlore.
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I have another question:

What's the biggest aquarium I can put in a 3ft table?
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a 20 gallon is 2 feet long, so I think u could fit a 29 gal!
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It would depend on how strong the support structure of the table is. Figure about 10 pounds per gallon.
I have another question:

What's the biggest aquarium I can put in a 3ft table?
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I wouldn't put anything over 10 gallons on something not specifically made for aquariums. I had a 10 on my sturdy wood dresser and after a year it began bowing slightly. Although I've had 2 10s at once on another table I have, but it's one of those old huge ridiculously heavy metal desks with a filing cabinet underneath, pretty much unbreakable. Also you want to make sure the table is completely level, since if it isn't it could cause the tank to crack.
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I agree the larger the tank the happier you will be. They are easier to care for, and you have LOTS more you can do with them.

If you are in an area where there are garage sales (craigslist) etc, see if you can find a heavy metal stand, OR a coffee table that is made of real sturdy wood....Often you can find these things free, or for very little.... Big tanks weigh a lot! A 55 gallon can weigh with decorations, gravel and water up to about 600 lbs! So it is wise to plan ahead. A tank as big as 150 gallons can cause floors to bow, when there is not enough support, so this is one reason to consider carefully before getting a tank, now I know this isn't probably your intention now, just FYI.. :;a2
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One thing I find great for tanks are stand ment for old computers. I have one holding my 55. They can hold anything because those old computers weigh a ton!

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