i had to clean out all of the tank

just cleaned my fish tank all the way so I took a few pics

the reason I did it all is because of the flakes, old poo, and the algee
I diddnt wash the gravel, and I used 5gals of their old water

what do you guys feed your goldfish, I feed mine oranges
I also took out the tank heater

and I am gonna put a small algee eater in there
HI a&j...IMO I think you are going to put your tank into a minI cycle..so make sure you test the water daily...goldfish are deffinate big time poo'ers ...not to mention they get really big!!....goodluck!!
Goldies do need lots of space. 20 gallon for the first, 10 gallon for each additional. Keep the gravel and filter media wet in treated water when cleaning to keep the good bacteria from dying off.
Complete water/tank cleanings like what you did will most likely cause mini-cycle, but not cleaning the gravel was a good move. Using part of the water didn't help as the good bacteria are in the filter, on the gravel,plants, decorations etc... Make sure you check your water daily, and do weekly water changes as they do poo alot. lol What type of "small agae eater"? do you plan on getting?

Your goldies are just begging for a 30gal to stretch their fins in. Goldfish get very big - around 20cm! You should be feeding your goldies a main diet of Goldfish flake food, with some veggies a few times a week and frozen/freeze dried/live foods thrown in twice a week. Like this:

Monday: Veg
Tuesday: Flake
Wednesday: Frozen/FD/Live
Thursday: Veg
Friday: Flake
Saturday: Frozen/FD/Live
Sunday: Flake

That's a basic goldfish diet - as they are omnivores. I'm afraid that you can''t have any kind of Algae eater with goldfish - none like the conditions required by Goldies.

I like the feet!!!

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