I had a strange dream last night..

Jordan C Smith

I'm not sure where to post this at but I felt the need to share with fish people since everyone else I've told has look seriously worried for me

So I was at PetCo in my dream last nights dream was looking at fish and to my amazement they were selling 3 black Molly's that were each over a foot long and weighed 6 pounds and they had them in a normal sized tank for guppies so I asked an employee how they could legally get away with doing that and he said they were perfectly fine in there and they actually preferred to not be able to swim because it reduces stress. So he leaves and somehow I look around at other fish and I see a sign that says "freshwater Cobras" so I go look and there's king Cobras swimming with other fish and it says "Little known fact: if trained from birth, king Cobras make great additions to any freshwater beginners aquarium!" And I was like there's no way that's true, so I back away from the tank and bump into a shelf and knock over like 10 tanks and they all break on the floor and there's thousands of gouramis all over the ground flopping so I start grabbing them and throwing them in tanks of water and the employees come running over and I ask them to help before they all die and they said what I was doing was illegal and I said no it was an accident please help and they called the police and I went to jail and then in the court room I was getting sentenced to 30 years in prison for "Unlawful placement of Unpurchased fish in unauthorized containers" or something like that.

Hope you enjoyed.


What did you eat before going to bed? Or maybe too much reading on Fishlore last night! You should have been happy when you woke up to find out that this was just a dream
Too funny, thanks for sharing


ha !


Lol!! That is quite funny..
Any chance you ate pork yesterday?


That certainly was a nightmare. Alison

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