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I guess something is wrong?

Discussion in 'Heaters' started by BennyB, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I have a 50w Top Fin submersible heater and I think it may be broken. The light blinks when it is on(not necessarily blink, in the sense of it turns completely off, it kind of looks like the light is moving back and forth) and makes odd sounds.
    Every once and a while I'll hear a hiss, or sizzle. I hope it isn't water leaking in.
    It heats the tank fine, the temperature of the water stays right, but I just don't know about this thing.
    I have 2 others, I have a 100w in my 20 gallon and it works perfectly, never had a problem with it, and I had another 50w in my friend's cichlid tank and it was doing the same thing. I took that one back to Petsmart and got my money back, but idk about this other one in my betta's tank.

    The 50w is only a week old, and I've had the 100w for about a month now, I got rid of the other 50w a few days ago.

    Any help would be much appreciated! :D

  2. Cichlidude Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like it has an issue. Simply get it replaced.

  3. BennyB Valued Member Member

    It doesn't really bother me, the noise and blinking. I just want to know if it is safe to keep in there. Because, like I said, it heats the tank fine.
  4. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning.

    I've never heard of or read about a heater making noise. Personally I think I would replace it. I use the VisaTherm Stealth Pro heaters. Very accurate within 1 degree. They have an indicator light that glows red when the heater is actually heating and it glow green when the set temperature has been reached or surpassed.
  5. BennyB Valued Member Member

  6. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    The last time I decided to have faith in a heater that was wonky, I woke up the next day and found that it had fried my betta overnight.

    Return it. And be safe.
  7. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    yup time for a new one... I've got the steath n love them.... not the pro ones... YET soon though
  8. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I took the heater back to Petsmart. They wouldn't give me a new one because they seem to never have THAT heater in stock anymore. Whatever, I went there and they had the other heater that I returned last week on display. I was so PO'd.
    I'm sick of that place...:mad:
    Anyway, I saw they have the Stealth Pro heaters for $40, might get one my next paycheck. I think Jack will be okay without a heater until then.
    It really would have helped me though, if you guys had told me that Marineland makes them.