I got some dumb advice 30 Gallon Tank

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    About a year ago I had to shut down 2 tanks and surrender the fish to Petland.(due to my job) now after setting up the 30 gallon and cycling it again.... I asked the girl selling fish "how many Tinfoil Barbs can I put in a 30 gallon tank"? Her answer was "start with 6". what!!?? I picked up 4 knowing I'd have to rehome them or set up my 55 gallon in a few months. I love tinfoils.... Their active and freak out at feeding time. Anyway....it's good being back but be careful who gives you advice. <'))))><
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    There are two species of tinfoil. The red-tailed tinfoil, Barbonymus altus (without the black bars in the tail fin) 'only' grows to 10", but will still need more than a 55g for a small group.
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    Yep, and glad you are back!!!