I Got A New Betta!!!!!!! ** I Have Some Questions Too**

  1. HannahH Member Member

    So on sunday there was this gorgeous butterfly betta. His body was deep royal blue with white ends of his tail. He had been at Petco for 2 WEEKS. So Today I thought "Okay, i'm going to go buy him and sneak him home into my room." So at lunch I go to make sure he is still there. Unfortunately he was gone, but there was a tiny lighter blue butterfly betta there that looked just as pretty. I ask an associate to see if I can put him on hold so I can come back after work and buy him. They informed me they don't do holds, they can put his aside but if someone wants to buy the betta they can't say no. I couldn't buy the betta as I was at work and no fish are allowed, So they put him aside and I go back to work.

    Well I come back to Petco and... he was sold :( both bettas were gone that I wanted.
    BUT! I did not leave empty handed!

    This is the boy who caught my attention.

    So I bought him and brought him home.

    Now my questions:
    I need a name for him. I dont like people names or anything. I have a Petals and a Poisedon. Any suggestions?

    2nd. He is in my bedroom. I walked in to my room and noticed him just randomly flaring at his reflection of the glass.(Last 3 pictures) My lights were off but his tank lights were on. Will he eventually simmer down?

    3rd, what is his tail type and what do I call his color? He is like... every color... lol

    Big beard

    flaring at his reflection in his temporary heater

    still admiring himself

  2. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Amazing betta you got there :) the naming part i will leave it on you because it will be better if you decide his name, you should not keep the aquarium light on all night they do need some night time nap too and i don't think he will simmer down cause sometimes bettas do flare at their reflection and about his tail type i think he is a double tail fullmoon betta and about color he is multi color :D :D
  3. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful fish, congrats
    No idea about his name.
    He will calm down after a while. It took mine almost 2 weeks for him to calm down.
    He is definitely a hybrid. I would say a Halfmoon mix, a poorly bred Rosetail, a Doubletail Halfmoon, or a Doubletail Fullmoon
  4. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    I love those orange spots on him! Nice pick!
  5. HannahH Member Member

    Thank you! I think he might be the halfmoon double tail then. The store was crawling with that type of betta. Whatever he is he is gorgeous. i'm glad i found him when i did!
  6. Over It Well Known Member Member

    He is Gorgeous! Unfortunately I'm not great at helping people name their pets. Maybe Flame, Atlas, Anarchy, or Calypso? These are a few I was thinking of for my Betta.

    If he was mine I would totally name him Diablo. Just seems to fit him IMO. But ultimately you should really be the one to pick his name.
  7. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I am awful at naming fish, my most creative one is Bob the Pleco
  8. HannahH Member Member

    Diablo.. Its.. EL DIABLO*gasp* with the faces he makes at me, it would fit him! LOL
  9. Over It Well Known Member Member

    lol He just seems to need a "tough" or unique name. He really is gorgeous, you picked a good one.
  10. HannahH Member Member

    He is a BIG boy and has an appetite that fits him.
  11. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    Help I'm having an onset of betta envy!! :):)

    What a pretty boyyyy!!

    I would say he's an attempt at a rose tail but never made the cut. I don't see branching in the fins. So he's a very fluffy half-moon double tail. Beautiful boy!!

    He will calm down and learn to love you as soon as he understands that you = food. Make sure there is nothing reflective, though.

    I call my bettas collectively as "the fats" so I can't help you with a name. But I can say that he's a very pretty man and he's lucky to be your fishy.
  12. HannahH Member Member

    Is it okay to keep my bedroom light off but the tank on? He sees himself and turns into a

  13. Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

  14. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I would turn the light off at night.
  15. HannahH Member Member

    Oh all my fish's light gets turned off at night, its just when my bedroom light is off its dark in my room. Even during the day my room isn't bright bright bright. I'll probably open the blinds a smidge to let some natural sunlight into my room too.
  16. HannahH Member Member

    I found a name. Picasso.
  17. Sean Smith Member Member

    Watch out for finrot . Seems like he has minor fin rot . Aquarium salt will fix it just fine if water is clean . I always name my bettas after central or South American places or Japanese and Phillipian names or places
  18. HannahH Member Member

    Yeah, i think fin rot is what maybe happened to the very beginning of his dorsal fin? See how it is suddenly straight in the below pictures? I am going to put some salt in his tank, I don't want his tail getting ruined.

    Here are some more pictures from today.