I found a FRY!

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by Shorty, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. ShortyValued MemberMember

    Eeek, I just found a fry in my tank, it could be guppy or platy, it is a tail with eyes, lol. There appears to be just the one though and I have put him/her in the breeder net to stop him/her getting munched :) Now what do I do?

  2. LOULOUValued MemberMember

    hehe wouldnt have a clue what to do, as you may have seen from my signature i also have a baby that came from the fish shop in the bag with my mollies, its so cute, we just call him/her baby, we have just left baby to do its own thing he/she is about this long ...... and he/she seems to be having a great time. the others leave well alone. i was worried about the filter but he/she stays away from that aswell, we think baby is a baby molly, not sure, so cute though. ;) i asked in a reply to another post of yours, what does 1fs mean, i see you write that alot ???

  3. ShortyValued MemberMember

    lfs - Local Fish Store :)

    I guess my fry is about -- long tiny wee thingy :)

  4. LOULOUValued MemberMember

    oh its lfs i read it as 1fs. how thick am i. have you named your fry yet? also its good to see that you name your fish. i thought it was mayb something kids did, well im 31 and my partner is 42 and we have named ours, my non fish friends find it hilarious! ;)
  5. ShortyValued MemberMember

    Yeah mine all have names - I will call the fry bubbles, if he turns out to be a boy it will be Bub, and if she is a girl i will call her bubbles still :)
    I only name the fish indivdually if I can tell - as all my harlies look the same they get a group name - same with the corys :) Don't worry about it I am 26! lol :)
  6. LOULOUValued MemberMember

    i think that what you have done with the fry is ok isnt it from what ive learnt so far, i sounded like i didnt care before sorry. someone with a bit more knowledge will post you hopefully, i need help with my clown loaches theyre a strange pair, dave calls them the loonies. also go onto general discussion if you have a minute and read my pleco story, now thats a pair of loonies :D :D :D :D
  7. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    You did the right thing in buying the breeding net to keep the fry in. I had that happen to me also. I thought I just had the one, but ended up finding 4 in all. I took regular fish flakes and crushed em real fine and fed the fry about 3 times a day. Congratulations!!! You're a MOM. ;D
  8. vinWell Known MemberMember

    The breeder net is a good thing. Unfortunately, chances are there may have been more as livebreeders generally give birth in bunches...Keep an eye out toward the bottom of the tank, around the base of plants and decorations for more. The little guys are great at hiding and will even burrow in the gravel to keep from being a snack......scoop them up with your net and add them to the breeder net.

    You might also want to check your filter reservior as some fry get sucked up into the filter tube.

    As for feeding it's very easy. All you need is:

    1 Zip Lock baggie (small)
    1 Wooden toothpick
    Flake Food

    Take a small amount of flake food and place it in the baggie.
    Crush into a powder

    Wet one end of the toothpick with tank water and gently wipe off the excess. You want to keep the toothpick moist and damp, but not dripping.

    Dip the moist end of the toothpick into the powdered food in the baggie and then dip this into the breeder net.

    Feed the fry 2-3 times daily until he reaches about 3/8" in length and can no longer be seen as a food source.

    This should take anywhere from 3-5 weeks.
  9. ShortyValued MemberMember

    Wow that is so simple it is almost genius! It wouldn't have crossed my mind - I was thinking and thinking of how the the make the flake small enough for Bubbles, and everytime I crushed it in my hands it kind stuck to me - I guess oil from my skin etc would have done that! Doh I am soom thick sometimes! lol, thanks Vin, you are indeed my new hero :)
    I also got some liquid fry food that you pop a blob in the net with him, unfortunatley as the net is in the tank with the other greedy sods when the blob hits the bottom on the net a guppy comes and sucks it through leaving bubbles with nothing! Lol, the flake will stay on the top of the net and bubbles can have it all :) I have searched for more but I feel they have been munched, I keep checking though incase another tail with eyes swims past :)
  10. vinWell Known MemberMember


    I can't take credit for this - I read it in a book.......A Complete Idiot's Guide to Freshwater Aquariums.

    Good book if you can find it.
  11. ShortyValued MemberMember

    Does that mean you are not a hero - but an idiot? :( Oh my :) Lol j/k. Thanks for the advice and I will try to find the book.

    You can still be my hero if you like :)

    Thanks again, Bubbles says thanks too cause finally s/he gets some food :)
  12. vinWell Known MemberMember

    I think we're all idiots at one time or another!!! ;D
  13. ShortyValued MemberMember

    I could make a career out of it :) Lol, thanks again for the help XXXxxXX
  14. vinWell Known MemberMember

    You're most welcome. :)
  15. ShortyValued MemberMember

    Bubbles update: Little fry doing great, eating like a little piggy - I am taking care not to give him too much though. He is really active and having a whale (pardon the pun) of a time in the breeder net as he is soo small it is like an ocean for him :)

    I like being a Mom :)
  16. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    My fry freaked out a little when I moved her to the community tank after being in the breeding net for all her short little life. But she got over it and went exploring all over the place. Now she'll bully the bigger fish out of her way. It's halarious!! :)

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