I finally bought frozen food!


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I finally got some! Went into my LFS a few days ago and picked up some frozen baby brine shrimp and I just fed it to my fish for the first time! I cannot believe I waited so long. It's exactly what I've been looking for. My danios can't get enough of it, they don't like to pick food off the bottom and nothing manufactured stays in the water column super well. I've been meaning to buy some for months but kept forgetting. It's easy to forget the food you came in for when you're walking out with a fish :D I fed a little to my betta and he just looked at me like are you crazy where's the food. I might pick up some daphnia next time I'm in along with some bloodworms. A nice varied rotation getting set up. It's so much more entertaining to watch them eat like this as well.


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I tried bloodworms today with my mollies, platys and ghost shrimp. Fun fact, since you can see thru the ghost shrimp, all of there heads were like a dark brown today cuz of the bloodworms. It was trippy. I'm also kinda worried that one of the fish fought either another fish or a shrimp cuz she has a small nick on her. It happened out of my view but after I put in bloodworms. They devoured it though. I may have to figure out another method on feeding this maybe in diff sections of tank so they are not all in one area fighting for scraps. Cute to watch them get so happy.


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I know! When I fed my betta frozen brine shrimp for the first time he ate it and couldn't get enough, now whenever I come near the corner where he eats he freaks out because he's ready to eat and picks EVERY scrap off the floor after I'm done pouring it in! It's crazy what a difference between frozen and pellets make, it's also better for bettas because it is easier for them to pass instead of pellets, I feed him until his belly is nice and round and by the next feeding he's all good and ready to eat again! I would love to buy frozen bloodworms but I wouldn't be able to feed him more than 1 or 2 at best before he bloated and I have no other fish to feed extra to, he eats freeze dried as a special treat for now! :)

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