I fear something is taking out my fish!!! Help

  1. nhaiflich Member Member

    2 days ago I woke up to find a seemingly healthy pregnant swordtail dead stuck to the filter intake tube. Today I wake up to almost worse. 2 of my 3 remaining swordtails and mickey mouse platy (all female's) are in a very bad way. The platy is sitting on bottom of tank breathing pretty hard with clamped fins. She's preggo so might be that but thinking is something else based on previous death and other 2 swordtails. They both look like their bodies are bruised. Neither is swimming real well. I watched the yellow one get stuck to intake for a few sec while trying to take pics. She also looks like has a fungus spot on tail and fin. Wasn't there yesterday. The red one is real bad. When she swims it's like there is something wrong with spine. She has gotten pretty skinny in last few days too though see her eat. I have kanaplex so dosed tank this morning. Any one have any ideas? The spine makes me think TB but the bruising I've never seen before. Pics aren't great but I think you can see bruising and slightly misshapen body of red one

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    We need a bit more information to try & work out what the problem may be.
    How big is the tank & how long has it been set up, what's the stocking, what are the water stats exact numbers?

  3. nhaiflich Member Member

    I normally put that in. Sorry. No brain today. 0,0,10-20. Setup is a bit harder to answer. Try for quick answer. They (all prementioned sick ones ,the one that died and another swordtail)were in a cycled 29 gal with their fry in nets. It was up for about 3-4 months. Got tank to seperate sexes. They were in a cycled 6-7 month setup 46 gal before this with their men. Then my 2 year old cracked tank and it started leaking. So to keep the sexes separate got a55 gal on the 30th set it up. Moved gravel and media from 29 to 55. Put the fry nets in the 46 and all females into 55. Dosed with TSS 24 hrs later on the 1st. On the 4th I moved them back to the 46 because they were acting weird and was afraid there was a spike of something. Then on the 7th is when found dead one then this today. The inhabitants of the 46 gal are the 2sick gals. Possibly sick platy, fine swordtail, 3 dalmation molly, 1 male platy,3 glofish, 3 von Rio tetra, 2 white skirt tetra, pictus cat.

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  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    There's been a lot of moving them around which will have stressed them somewhat, that could be part of the problem making them more susceptible to disease.
    The skinnyness makes me think of internal parasites or bacterial infection, what look like bruises could be a sign of that rather than injury.
    I haven't used kanaplex ( or any treatments for a long time)but read it is a treatment for internal infections so that may help, as with any medication always complete the course of treatment.
    Hopefully someone else will come along with other ideas but tbh the red/orange one doesn't look very good at all :(@poeticinjustices is one to ask about medications

  5. nhaiflich Member Member

    poeticinjustices is who recommended the kanaplex to me before! I knew all the moving would stress them. Really didn't think there would be a spike either. Especially since had gravel and media in there. Wish i had just put them back in 46 to begin with. Live and learn right? I definitely learned. I'm waiting on my mom to get here now to sit with napping kids. Going to get clove oil for the red/orange one. She's the one with messed up spine. If yellow doesn't improve today, or gets stuck to intake again I'll help her along too. Only bad thing about the kanaplex is I can only do 1/4-1/2 dose cuz of the fry and pictus. It may protect the others but think it's too late to help the sick ones:( thanks Coradee

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  6. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    If I recall, I suggested Kanaplex for cottonmouth for your platy, right? Since that's normally columnaris. Did the cottonmouth resolve? I feel like I'm getting a little more credit than I deserve here but I have done some research on treatment mostly for columnaris and saprolegnia.

    If you could bring me up to speed - it's been awhile right? What happened with the cottonmouth platy? Don't really see any mention of the classical signs (cottonmouth, saddleback lesion) but I think junebug posted something about oxytetracycline recommended by a fish vet also for the treatment of columnaris.

    So now there's "bruising", bent spine and wasting, right? This is the same tank? Have you tried feeding the Kanaplex in food with Focus to bind it? If it is an internal bacterial infection, this might be a lot more effective at delivering the meds esp. It'll also help make sure the scaleless fish don't get over-dosed if you do it right, I'd guess. Be advised, I'm not clear on whether or not it's wise to both feed meds and introduce to the water column. Medications can be hard on a fish.
  7. nhaiflich Member Member

    You are correct. When coradee mentioned you with meds just meant that thought it was funny that they said that because you had already helped me with a med could have worded it better sorry. Hectic here. On top of everything my 2 year old knocked out a loose tooth on my 5 yr old with his head. Any who, sadly, the cottonmouth fish died on day 5 of treatment.(would have been 3rd dose of med) and I never even thought this could all be connected until right now. The 2 swordtails have gotten worse since first post. Hubby should be home anytime and as soon as he is I'm euthanizing them. What looks like bruising on yellow is getting darker and she won't get off floor and red/orange one seriously looks like it's back is broke or something. When she tries to swim her tail almost makes an "s" and her back is humped above it. She has dark spot on body too. As for same tank. Yes and no. All my female livebearers were in one tank. Including cottonmouth. When she got sick I put her in qt and started treatment. I never did dose the tank since no one showed anything. This was tank that broke. Everyone seemed fine till 2 days ago when found what i thought was a healthy swordtail dead. So yes same tank mates but in different tank now with all other fish I have. Except the cories I have in qt which is why haven't pulled others out of tank yet.

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  8. April R Well Known Member Member

    Metro and Kanaplex combined saved my tank from a weird unknown outbreak. I only lost one with the rest recovering. However you must either sterilize or get new water change equipment after finishing treatment
  9. nhaiflich Member Member

    Also did not try feeding it to them. Cottonmouth wasn't eating and this came on so suddenly

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  10. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Oh I didn't mean I took offense, I was just making sure I remembered correctly what I recommended it for lol.

    Yeesh, I'm sorry this is all happening.

    What do the dark spots look like exactly? Bleeding under the skin or a lesion on the skin?

  11. nhaiflich Member Member

    Gotcha. Lol. I had to be sure. Would hate to offend anyone on here. Especially on accident. They are under the skin. Let's say we would use a regular red crayon to color her in. To make the spots we would use brick red. I have put her to sleep. I looked over body best I could. Didn't see anything abnormal except dark spots and bent spine. The yellow one is still MIA at the moment. Looked 3 times for her. She's hiding good. Not sure if still with us though. Getting ready to start removing stuff to find her. Her's also looked under skin. You know that dark purpley black color a really good bruise gets? That's what it reminded me of. Looks like someone punched it. Because of reds spine can't help but think TB though praying it's not. I was thinking of doing the other 2 kanaplex doses in water. Then waiting a week or two and see what happens. Whatever it is it's doing it's damage very quickly. I am also wondering if I should leave the remaining 2 female in there or what since they would have longest exposure if is linked to cottonmouth fish. I hate to move them again too. But could take cories back to LFS. Then put remaining 2females in qt and dose them fully and continue the 1/4 dose on other tank. I just don't know what to do. As of now everyone else is still normal. Even fry.
  12. nhaiflich Member Member

    So I didn't think to take a pic of red before buried but here is what the yellow looked like. In sure this is not blood pooling after death cuz this is what looked like yesterday but was bigger. Just keeping fingers crossed and a close eye on rest.

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