I don't understand my readings

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    Currently I have a 10 gallon tank in which three guppies and 15 CRS live. It was created as a moss tank so I also have java moss on three large coconut caves, weeping moss, fissidens fontanus, a moss wall, java fern, anacharis, etc. Until few weeks ago, I had readings of 0 for both ammonia and nitrite but my nitrate was always around 5ppm.

    Now when I test the water I get 0 for nitrate as well. I tried tapping shaking the test solution, but still got the same result from my multiple tries. Does this mean that my plants are absorbing the nitrogen products? I am worried if my tank can lose its cycle because the plants are absorbing the nitrogen products.

    Also, when I do gravel clean, I see massive amount of shrimp poo getting sucked up, and I can't quite understand how can that much poo do not created any rise in ammonia level.

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    your plants are probably eating all the extra nitrates as you suspect...how often and how much water changes are you doing? are you still using stress zyme(isnt an aquatic type of bacteria and needs to be added for the life of the tank weekly to live) and test strips? both are unreliable and are probably giving false readings ....so it could be a combo of everything mentioned above
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    actually I haven't used the Stress Zymes since few weeks ago and test my water with API kit. Also, I have been doing roughly 3 times per two weeks. I usually do one per week but sometimes do it twice a week. All my water changes are about 25%. Recently, I have been doing more water changes because I had some fish fry and I thought the power like food that I gave fry might corrupt water.
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    ahh ok...sorry...i was going by your aquarium info ;) might be good to update it....3 times per two weeks? whats that mean?
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    I think it means 6 times a month, or roughly a 25% change every 5 days