I don't think my goldfish can eat.

  1. cameronpalte Member Member

    So today I was watching my gold fish eat, and I notices on of the whenever he tried to eat the food Inwas giving him, it went in his mouth stayed for a few sends and then the fish literally barfed it up in smaller pieces. Is this normal? Could it be a disease?
  2. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    My goldfish do this sometimes, but not all the times. tmk, it's not a disease, but if they're not eating at all, that would be a sign of intense stress, due to extreme over stocking and poor water quality.

    In the mean time, try switching to small sized goldfish pellets, made by omegaone (commonly available in chain stores like petsmart, etc). These will cut down on waste while you're getting a bigger tank or finding them new homes, and will help prevent swim bladder disease, which is a common illness among goldfish that eat from the surface (symptoms include bloating, and inability to balance in the water column; floating or sinking).

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your 4 goldfish aren't going to last terribly long in a 29G tank. Goldfish get to be over a foot long, and in that tank, they will poison each other with their waste, and be stunted by the small area of the tank, both of which will kill them.

    Your aquarium profile says that you do not know about the nitrogen cycle. This is VITAL! PLEASE read this article on the Nitrogen Cycle.

    Also, if you want to keep your goldfish healthy and happy, I suggest you either rehome them immediately, or read this article on proper goldfish care. Keep in mind that this article is about "fan-tailed" goldfish, which only grow to half the size of the more common "comet" variety (the one-tailed varieties). Also, where that article says "20G" it means a 20G long, and that's just for one fish, alone, bare minimum requirements. Comets need roughly twice the space (or more) of the fan-tails.

    Again, I'm terribly sorry to be so harsh, but trust me, I have been in your situation. It didn't end well. After keeping 6 tiny comets in a 20G long, 5 of them died in the 2 months they were there. One of them barely made it (still alive today, 3 yrs later) because I upgraded him to a 37G after 2 months of ignorance. It still tortures me, to this day, that if I had bothered to research these fish before I had picked them up, they all might be alive now.

    PS. a 37G is nowhere near big enough, not by a long shot. He's waiting for me to find an apartment (May or June) where the landlord will accept a tank-deposit and allow me to set up a 75G (or maybe 150G) tank.
  3. HOWsMom Well Known Member Member

    I won't touch on the sizing issues - I think wizsecrackerz has covered that quite well.

    I do have some questions of my own though.

    Has he eaten this particular food before ?
    For how long ?

    How often do you feed ?
    How much ?

    Are the other goldies eating this same food ?

    Personal anecdote coming :
    I've noticed various fish doing this in the past, but not quite the way you've described it. What I've seen is a fish eat a pellet / flake / whatever, and spit it back out in smaller pieces. But they go back and eat the smaller pieces without a problem.

    Almost like they needed the smaller size to be able to eat or digest them properly, and since they can't chew their food up quite the way a person can, this was what they were doing ?

    I may be off base, but it's something to think about.
  4. cameronpalte Member Member

    Thanks for all of your advice guys!

    Has he eaten this particular food before ?
    For how long ?
    1-2 weeks
    How often do you feed ?
    2-3 times/day
    How much ?
    5-6 flakes (the container says 1 flake/inch).

    Are the other goldies eating this same food ?
    Yes, their are 3 other gold fish eating.

    Thanks for the advice guys, and I will try to correct this:)....
  5. cameronpalte Member Member

    I have figured out what my goldfish has. After a few more symptoms I figured out it was ammonia poisoning most like from when the 4 goldfish were kept in a 1 gallon tank. Thank you guys for your help:).