I couldn't turn my back

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  1. jerilovesfrogs

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    I couldn't turn my back (new pics)!

    today at walmart....i was getting cat food and saw my mom's friend, who is the pet area manager. i said a few things, then walked on to say "hi" to the fish. well i noticed the betta's bowls were very gross. i walked over to ask her who was in charge of cleaning the bowls...she said she was, and they make her only give like five minutes of her time to the fish area. so as she was cleaning them, i looked over at some clown loaches and bala sharks, to say hi to them....THEN i noticed a little blue betta in with them, with very few of his fins left!

    we both had no idea how he got in there. she was saying that customers like to take food off the shelf and give it to the fish and medicate them. so i wonder if someone, who is cruel and evil, dumped him into that tank?

    i ended up taking him home, b/c i thought he would definitely have a better chance with me, than dying in that cup, or being disposed of. also, i doubt it anyone would have bought him due to all the fin damage.

    SO, i'm wondering how much damage is too much? ??? he's in one of my bowls i had laying around....because i am not able to get another tank just yet.(money) and i want to use tss(have to order it). he DID eat a couple betta pellets. i have a little light close by, just for a little heat. it's better than where he was. he seems aware of me also....

    i'm wondering though if i did put him in a 2.5g or 5g, because of his fin damage, would it be too challenging for him to swim to the top with the filter current? :;sh

    well i'm hoping he can get better and make it through his terrible trauma. :;sn

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  2. Shawnie

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    poor thing :(
    change his water every day trying to keep the temps up a bit...the light will help also....soak all his pellets in fresh garlic juice to perk him up a bit..use some stress coat with his water changes....goodluck!
  3. Meenu

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    try criagslist for a new tank for him. And until you can get him into a tank with a filter, I think you should do daily water changes for him.

    Put a couple of tall plants (fake or real, just no sharp or jagged edges) with broad leaves in a 2.5 or a 5g, and he can rest on the leaves near the top.
  4. marina3

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    THANK YOU for your kind heart...Is incredible how people can be so mean, but thank God others can make up for them, like you...Hope your little blue boy gives you years of enjoyment!!!
  5. bolivianbaby

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    Good for you for saving him! I hope whoever is responsible gets Karma for this.

    Excellent advice above. Stress coat, daily water changes, and garlic will hopefully have him perky and beautiful again soon.
  6. OP

    jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    :;fb aww thanks everyone.....
    fortunately, or maybe UNfortunately for my hubby haha...i have a hard time turning my back on animals in need. i just knew, after i discovered what had happened, he probably wouldn't have much chance at living a good life if i did not take him. luckily my husband wasn't too mad! lol.

    So....on the daily changes, should i net him, put him in a cup, clean the bowl, then put him back? i'm not sure i know of any other way to clean it 100%. obviously i want to stress him as minimumly as i can.

    i'll check craig's list for the tanks. i haven't been on there before. thanks. :;bn
  7. cajunfiberco

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    Or you could use the cup he came in, and wait till just the right moment and catch him in it by using the cup as a vacum when it hits the water... hope that makes sense. If I have to catch my fish, that's how I like to do it. It just seems less stressful to me... or what about like a 90% change while siphoning the bottom, and then he stays in the bowl and doesn't have to be moved?
  8. uprightandlocked

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    I can't say it enough ... VITACHEM, VITACHEM, VITACHEM!!!! If you can't find it in the store, order it online. It does wonders for the regrowth of fins. Its natural vitamins. Use it in addition to all of the advice above.

    I kept my boy Vanguard in a bowl for a few days (I found him in a city different than the one I lived in while on "vacation") and it was better than what I found him in, but certainly as soon as you're able to do so, upgrade him to a full-size tank. Today, Vanguard (who's tail fin was almost gone) is healthy, vibrant, and growing out his tail. I know your guy can do the same!
  9. Furallicah

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    What a sweet story good for you.
  10. Omgami

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    Please keep us updated on his progress. I'm so glad that you saw him and that you are willing to do all the work to give the poor little guy a fighting chance.
  11. lyndra

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    These guys are tough... they can take a fair bit of damage

    to give you an idea of what they can take here is my guy who had a run in with a tank of big mean fishies:

    Here is a before shot : 558.jpg

    Here is a shot showing the damage: 534.jpg

    And here is a recent photograph :


    I kept firesong in a 2.5gal tank with a filter and although he had trouble swimming he eventually got better 0 he will love big leafy plants because he can rest on them.

    The damage only happened in November and he has healed wonderfully, he is active and happy and I only used Garlic and clean water on him.. his fins may grow back differently
  12. bassbonediva

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    You could put in him either a 2.5 or 5 gallon and make a DIY sponge filter like i did. I filters the water, but doesn't create a current.

    I used a leftover Petsmart betta cup (they're taller and skinnier and take up less room...plus they're clear so they're easier to hide than a BRIGHT yellow food bottle), clean polyester fiber fill (pillow stuffing), gravel from one of my established tanks, and a piece of rubber tubing I got at the hardware store for $1.74. Works beautifully!
  13. Aquarist

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    What a great rescue Jeri! :)

    Best wishes.
  14. damprye

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    I remember quite some time ago when one of my LFS had a betta male in each goldfish tank, the poor little buggers would get shredded
  15. Tigerfishy

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Great rescue, he will get better with good care & can't wait to see how he gets on!
  16. OP

    jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    it's great to read about other's stories....thanks for sharing and commenting everyone :;sn

    lyndra, ohhh wow, yeah that's what finn (finnley), i named him! looks like. maybe a bit shorter......your little guy looks great now, goood job :clapping: i'm going to whole foods today to see if i can find only garlic and water! you'd like to think they'd have it. i've been using vita-chem on my other betta, who has had finrot and it's been working very well. i def want to get garlic for the both of them.

    cajaunfiberco: thanks for the advice.....i might try the 90% change for the first few days....just cos he's been through a lot and i don't want to overwhelm him/stress him too much right now. :) i'm off to get stresscoat today!

    bassbonediva: i'll check out that link for a diy filter. thanks. i'm thinking i might get a 5g hex for my other betta, then put finn in freddie's tank. the 2.5g doesn't have a strong current...and with some tall plants.....i guess i'll have to see!
  17. genie

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    After being nipped, finrot is often a big problem. I had a betta suffer greatly from finrot and the best thing that I found was Jungle Labs Fungus Clear. Turns the water blue/green and requires frequent water changes and re-dosing but it worked wonders for Cobalt. You may want to think about having it on hand just in case.
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  18. OP

    jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    i do have some maracyn b/c i was treating my other betta. i'll have to check into the jungle labs version. glad your boy is better!

    :D good news! when i got home from being gone half the day, finn had blown a pretty good bubble nest! i hope that's a good sign. freddie never has really blown one. i'm not sure why...but i've had him almost 2 months and haven't seen one like the one finn did. well, he seems pretty happy at this point..he's probably thrilled to be anywhere other than the shark tank!

    UPDATE:helpsmilie:OK, so i cleaned out 90% of finn's bowl, used prime, some stress coat and 1 drop of vita-chem. he then at 2 pellets. ok, so i knew when i got him it looked like a little nip on his head...but didn't seem too bad. but then just now i noticed that it looks worse, and a couple places on his body(that were ok yesterday), had some scales missing. so then i saw a few scales in the bottom of the bowl?! :eek: what is that? i know once freddie hurt himself on a rock and a couple scales were missing, but that was it. i do have a chunk of glass in the bowl, but the rough part is upside down. and he was fine with it all night and all day until now. :confused: does anyone have a clue as to why some have fallen off?

    UPDATE 2: so i just went to check the glass chunk, there is one sharper corner....maybe he bumped into it just right....i took it out. but will the scale damage be corrected? i'm such a dope! i can't believe i put that in there. so there's just a silk plant.

    UPDATE 3, 3/25: it seems that finn's scales are recovering.....vita-chem is pretty good! also, it appears that he is getting some new fin growth. i thought i read that new growth looks clearish? and he seems to be getting stronger. i got a new 5hex for my other betta, and finn will be moving into the 2.5g. :;bn
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  19. Omgami

    OmgamiValued MemberMember

    Wow, thanks for the update. How's Finn doing now?
  20. OP

    jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    thanks for asking omgami.....finn has moved, this week, to freddie's 2.5g and fred moved to a new 5hex. everyone seems to be doing well! i've been having to turn off the filter when i feed him though.....he's not too great at turning quickly and chasing food. but he seems pretty happy to have so much room, sans the sharks! his fins are looking better each day. before he went to the tank, he got pretty good at doing the begging dance :;banaman lol. he just has this very cute look about him. like he's so grateful to be alive and at my house! he's such an :;a2