I cannot find the right size any where!!! Help

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    Fishnugget43 Valued Member Member

    Does anyone know where i can get a light fixture for my tank? or a hood? I cant find the right size anywhere!! the length of the glass panels i have over it right now are 34 inches but every hood and light strip if ind goes from 30 to 36 inches... idk what to do, I REALLYYY want a flourecent light for it but i'd settle for incandesant... but right now i just want some sort of light fixture for it!! Any info on where i could get a decent one would be great!!!
  2. mathas

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    34" is an odd size.

    The "glass panels" you mention usually reside on the inside lip of the tank rim... so if the inside lip of the rim around the top of tank is 34", the outside width should be closer to 35-36". Would a 36" fixture not work for you?

    If not, can you provide the manufacturer and size of the aquarium, please?
  3. Nutter

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