I Can’t Decide What To Do With Cats! Help

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Gypsy13, May 27, 2019.

  1. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    help help help. I’m beyond conflicted here. I have 3-4 ferals here. All TNRd. I say 3-4 because Rambo won’t be here the same time as Itsy. Both huge barely social cats. Then I have Thaddeus (looked like a boy in the trap) and Momma (Itsy’s mom). They’re both very small cats. Momma spent the winter in my kitty condo (heated/cooled). She wants out. She hates Thaddeus. Both girls dislike both boys. Not quite 2 yrs old yet. Kipp (my heart shepherd/malamute mic) likes to kill small animals. The neighbors have a 1 yr old Weimaraner that has been trained to “get the cat”. Hubby’s buddy has a mini pittie that thinks “kill cat” sounds like fun. I’m not able to get out to the cat house as much anymore so keeping momma in there is a no go soon. I can pet Thad but not handle her. I can handle Momma to a degree. But she’s never offered to hurt me. I’ve contacted every no kill shelter and rescue around. Theyre dealing with too many cats now.
    So what do I do?
    1-Release Momma and let the chips fall where they may?
    2-bring Momma inside the house and make hubby, Kipp and Momma very not happy
    3-advice most welcome.

  2. Fish0n Valued Member Member

    I live near a couple busy roads and my neighbors have "outside cats" that are in the road so often that release makes me nervous. However, my parents live in a quiet area with a retirement home down the road and enough mice/grandmothers to make any cat fat and happy (their neighborhood cats live better lives than some indoor cats). So release for me would really depend on the quality of life they would have and the road/environment situation.

    Have you tried facebook or craigslist to see if anyone local to you is interested in helping the cats? Maybe a farm but not the kind parents like to take animals to if you know what I mean :)

  3. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    Since winter is over I have some that are going to be outside cats.

  4. Annie59 Well Known Member Member

    Check to see if you have farms near. They may take them as barn cats. But please don't just dump them at a farm. I'm not saying you will but I felt I had to at least say it lol.
    Good luck. Hope you can find them a nice barn to live in!
  5. peighton Valued Member Member

    If they are TNR'd and truly feral, let them go. They will be happier and it will help balance cat colonies since they cannot breed but take up space and establish hierarchies among themselves. Release them somewhere that these dogs will not kill them immediately obviously.
  6. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    I have tried Facebook. Craigslist is not trustworthy in our area. Plush the fact I love them and wouldn’t want them going to someone cruel. :)

    Being outside isn’t quite the problem. Surviving each other and dogs is what I’m worrying about. Especially Momma. Not yet 2 but you’d swear she was 50! Thank you :)

    No, dumping isn’t my thing. We’re very rural country but no farms around. :( Besides I’ve still got the issue of two sisters a brother and a son/nephew that refuse to like each other. Ugh.

    If I let Momma go (she’s the only “captive”) I’ve got the she wants to be the only cat here thing, she wants in hubby’s shop at night (he says no way) and I think she has vision issues.

    Thanks guys. I’m still torn :(
  7. Fish0n Valued Member Member

    A poster in a good farm supply store would do the trick in my area. Do you have any farm supply, tractor or implement dealers?
    Otherwise you seem to know them well so you would have a good idea of where to release them that would set them up for success.
  8. peighton Valued Member Member

    Definitely check your areas rescue pages then! They will have connections to farms and stuff that will take cats like momma that want to still have a little human interaction.
  9. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Where I am in Alabama there aren’t any rescues. Not real ones anyway. I’ve gone as far as Birmingham to Montgomery to Georgia. They’re all overrun with cats and kittens. Why oh why won’t people spay/neuter? I’m not giving up. There has to be an answer.
  10. peighton Valued Member Member

    What location are you in? Are there farms nearby?
  11. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    No farms. No barns. Not near enough animal lovers. I’m going to try one more time with the nearest rescues. Then I’ll have to make a decision. What, I don’t know. I don’t want anything bad to happen to them.
  12. smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Sounds cruel but its better to put them down then releasing them in the wild somewhere. Feral cats do too much damage to wildlife.
  13. Magicpenny75 Well Known Member Member

    I'm confused. If they are all TNR's, then they are feral cats, correct? Isn't the point of TNR to help control local feral cat populations by means of having sterilized cats in place to keep the "breeders" spread out? What is the reasoning for confining any of them? Feral cats exist because cats have amazing survival instincts, are resourceful, and skilled at avoiding predation by redne -errrr- dogs. I don't think you should necessarily put them down, but it's pretty apparent that you aren't in a position to keep them as pet cats due to the dog and spouse situation. So if they are feral, just open the door and let them take care of themselves like they were before humans intervened to begin with.
    I'm sorry if I sound jaded. I love cats, I have two of my own and welcome several neighborhood cats into my yard (much to the dismay of my own cats). But one of the hard lessons a lot of people have to learn is, you just can't save them all. Animals have large numbers of babies to increase the likelihood of just ONE reaching maturity. (Including fish, snails, and almost everything else we breed in our hobby). Sometimes for the good of the population at large, some of them don't make it. Sad, yes, but life isn't always a happy ending.
  14. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    They were dumped as kittens. I begged hubby to trap them before 4 months old. Which meant he had about 2 months to catch them. He didn’t. So one came up with a kitten. Just one. Took us a month to catch all four. Caught momma and her brother/beau doing their thing in the same trap. Took to rescue in Georgia for TNR. Put them in cat house: Rambo neutered, kept overnight to give him a better chance per rescue; momma had URI so had to keep her on antibiotics. Caught Thaddeus in trap. Used large dog crate with momma sectioned off to catch Itsy. Took hours in freezing weather. He finally went in! Took Thad for spay, Itsy for check (7wks old). Went to pick up the spayed Thad and neutered Itsy. Itsy had bad URI and a deformed back foot. So, Itsy goes in with momma. Thad goes in other pen for 5 days per rescue. So, mommas incision gets infected. More meds and a sock to keep Itsy away from her belly. Had to keep Itsy till 6 mos old to have foot evaluated. One claw had to come off. Vet said would be ok to release once healed. Got infected. Vet decided these two have immune system issues. Ok cutting it short now. Had to handle momma and Itsy for almost a year. Finally let them out. Itsy took off. Rambo and Thad are free and come up to eat. I pet Thad but she won’t tolerate handling. Momma wants in hubby’s shop. And she doesn’t get a winter coat which is why I put her back in the house for the winter.
    Don’t know if this clears anything up or not. I can say the cathouse is maybe 50’ from my back door and I just can’t get there without resting. It’s getting so hard.
  15. Magicpenny75 Well Known Member Member

    That clears a lot up. I was thinking they were just stray adults you were feeding (well except the momma and baby). Sounds like you have a lot invested in their health and their healing, so please accept my apologies for being harsh. I just know too many people that think that every cat needs to be saved and then cries about the shelter being overcrowded. But it sounds like these really are your pets in some sense of the word. I'm sorry to hear your dilemma and sorry I don't have any other advice to offer. It sounds to me like you've done your best to help them. Some cats just don't want to be helped. One of my two, who was never a stray and I've had her as a housecat for six years now (also rescued) but I can't pick her up and God help me if I try to get a pill down her throat. The other is like trying to wrestle an alligator to get him in a carrier. I'm sorry to say I still think I'd have reached the "Good luck, kitty," threshold by now if it was me in your shoes. I hope you find a solution that everyone can live with.
  16. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m waffling between doing just that or bringing momma in the house. :eek:
  17. BettaNgold New Member Member

    Bring Momma in the house. Kipp probably spends most of his time next to you on the couch and will be fine. The others will have to use their survival skills outdoors. Most cats can outrun a dog.
  18. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    That’s where I think I’m going. I worry about what happens when I’m gone but I guess I won’t have any control so I should just not worry. But I do. Hubby won’t hurt an animal but touching one is not his thing. Think of Monk. He will occasionally tap Kipp on the head. I’m still hoping Kipp goes before me. I’m having to dog sit the Weimaraner two weeks in June so momma will stay in the cat house until she’s back at home.
    Thank you everybody! Decision making isn’t easy for me when it comes to my babies. :)