I bought the predrilled reef tank! Now what?

  1. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Well, I came home with the saltwater tank-110g or 120g-not sure which it is but it measures 48x24x24-so I came up with 110 although the ad said 120g.
    :;shat Wait it is not Christmas in July-or is it?
    Now I have it home and wonder how to use two inlets and two outlets-connectors, he threw in all the lines-pvc and flexible pipe plus the fittings.

    This tank is pretty awesome! However, it does have a scratch and since it is on the out side at the top corner and fairly large (about an inch wide and 3 inches long but not deep), I am going to try and figure out what to fill it with to buff it out.
    The man was extremely nice and threw in bunches of stuff! There is at least 5 air pumps, two sump pumps, an electrical strip attached to the stand. Stand has no visible damage and appears in good shape.

    There was also a phosphate reactor, a huge python end (something I have never upgraded to in my own python), a powerhead, plus an extra magnet attachment for a powerhead. There is an extension net with two different type heads, a long (I mean really long! handled spoon to pick up coral if you want to scoop them up-I could have used that the other day!) and I forgot the sump he gave me in my excitement-I may call him and ask about it.
    The tank is three years old, the stand is as well. I looked at them both at my favorite LFS but thought they were over priced and I can't recall the exact size! :)
    This is probably the best 350.00 I have spent since I started keeping fish! :)
  2. eds48 Member Member

    Congrats on the new tank! What are you going to do with the 90 gallon now?
  3. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    eds48, my spouse is an American Legion Chaplain and it is going to our local post. He is going to maintain it for them and I will help. I am going to add about 29 mbuna cichlids for them to have and they of course will multiply. I have cobalt blue zebras going and red zebras along with albino socolofi. Red, White and Blue! :)
  4. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I'm a firm believer that once one goes with a drilled tank (gets over the silly-IMO- fear) they will never go back. The set up is obviously very different and there are many ways to utilize them, I suggest you take your time in researching the pros/cons and ask ?'s based on them. I had my tank custom drilled not predrilled according to my needs but once drilled changes can still be made after the fact. I suppose with a reef tank you would want at least 1200gph (reef tanks employ a 10-20x GPH turnover rate) and your drilled holes will need to accommodate that. Take a measurement of the holes that are drilled and check up on this or post it and we'll guide you through if necessary. ttyl,

    *of course where the holes appear is crucial to how things will play out-is the tank predrilled/reef ready?
  5. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    1971roadrunner the tank has two outlet and two inlet holes and he gave me the old sump pump as well as the one he bought 6 months ago.
    -My pump is larger (Eheim) and more turn over than his - I just have a handle to decrease/increase the flow rate and never run it at full capacity.
    -So, are you saying if I use his pump-it is plumbed with two outlets and he has two separate intake hoses for the two intakes as each end of the tank has one predrilled site-would I not need to adjust since his is already measured or how would I calibrate my pump?
    I am thinking it will be easier to just use his pump.
    -Do I acclimate my stock as if they just came from the store? Drip acclimate as part of the water-small percentage will be new water or just move them back? Should I use the water that holds them in the buckets-it will be from the tank.
    -Will ammonia have built up in the 3 hours plus that they will be housed in the buckets?
    =Do I run an aerator with the coral while they are in the bucket or should I get a shallow tub and run a sponge filter (I have many of those and I have 15 battery operated bubblers)
    -Which stock should go in the tank first?
    Also, is it okay to use his washers and such-all feel soft and flexible with no visible sign of wear-he said he replaced them after I told him I would take it with me today if it seemed okay and no, we did not fill the tank but plan on doing that in the morning outside-just in case.
    Wow, I have a lot of questions but just don't want to lose any of the stock!
    In advance, thanks for your help! :)
  6. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I would assume that the diameter of the holes drilled would work in accordance with his pump and flow rate-yes! I'm wary though that you said you had more turn over rate in your 90g's pump than he had in this 120g for REEF sake? I'm curious what GPH rate he was running and will this work for your needs/live stock? IMO, I would replace the bulk heads while the system is apart. When switching every thing from one tank over to another be prepared for a mini-cycle etc... and be ready to do water changes if necessary with plenty of mixed water on hand.

    * I know you don't like me harping you, but I would like you to wait to make the switch but, claire will be claire I suppose :).
  7. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    1971roadrunner mine is rated for up to 220g tank and I have it turned down to about a third of its ability for running my tank.
    His, according to him is rated for up to 150g tank.
    I could switch mine over and turn up/down as necessary and should still have plenty of power-it also has the back syphon safety valve-what ever thingy you call it so that if power goes out, it cant back syphon-his is not plumbed with that.
    And why do you think I should wait?
  8. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Wow, congratulations on the new tank claire! I've always wanted to do saltwater, great find! Can't wait to see pictures!
  9. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Thanks Rivieraneo and I feel pretty lucky! Honestly I was looking at getting a new cabinet for a tank and saw this on craigslist and thought-why not check it out! It was cheaper than the stands I saw for sale new-like half! :)
  10. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    Oh yeah, congrats on the new tank :). Look into a Calfo (coast to coast) over flow for this. It's what I'm hoping to go with soon. Hope all is going well-good luck. I'm sorry again about the "take things slow stuff" I take ALOT of time with designing my tanks and even the bikes/cars I restore, my over consideration drives some nuts but in the end the results speaks for themselves. keep us posted!
  11. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi 1971roadrunner, I appreciate and consider everything you say. Your advice is solid!
    Here is a pic of the tank-plan is to start this afternoon (some buddies of the hubby are going to unload and cart it into the house-hubby has a broken rib).
    new july 120g aquarium.jpg
    I kid you not, this tank is sweet-so do I need the calfo? I looked it up and it looks like this stuff.
    btw, no leaks
  12. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    No that's what's refered to "pre-drilled or reef ready". I don't think theres a way to set it up as a calfo easily which is fine :). Below, I have posted how I set up the 125g FW and my 150g fowlr is the same. I want to replace to two separate boxes with one longer shallower one which crosses the tank end to end which is what a calfo is. That tank should work well for your purposes :). Be aware to keep the slotted intake clear (usually very close together) of coralline and detritus etc... vrs. HOB style skimmer boxes. Nice tank!!!
  13. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Ty 1971roadrunner, is there anything special I need to know about the move? For instance, I have been searching on line. One site says okay to just lay out on tarp (that alarms me as there could be good stuff in the rock) and another said the same thing as long as it wasn't over a couple of hours. The other one was a reef forum and said to keep it covered in water from the tank-which makes sense to me but will require more 5g buckets (we had gotten 12 yesterday and I have 3 that are fish only-oops 4 five gallon buckets) to put stock and rock.
    What do you think?

    BTW, I like your set up on your tank and that was one of my biggest gripes was that I had to turn my pump down 2/3rds in order not to overflow-the overflow box is an eshops and is okay but just not satisfied with the flow.
    One reason I went looking for a reef ready tank! :)
  14. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I put down some of my thoughts on the "moving a tank" thread. Keep the rock at least wet but preferably submerged as long as possible. Try to keep your 90g 1/2 full or less (when moving it) for storage of your stuff ect..
  15. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    1971roadrunner, I have decided to wait till next weekend to make the move. I want to ask, research and think about this-taking your advice in taking it slow! :)
    I am sure even after this week of research, I will have questions and hopefully you and others will be available! :)
  16. matsungit Well Known Member Member

  17. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Thanks matsungit, I watched the video and I am impressed with the check valve and unions that are offered-think I will be placing an order! :) matsungit, how do I get the measurement for the lines that came with the new to me tank?
    When measuring and ordering piping-is it the inside measurement?
  18. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    Yes, measurements for piping and bulkheads is the inner diameter. If you are looking at a bare glass hole, that would be the measurement for the bulkhead's outer diameter. Also, please note that there are slip-slip, slip-threaded, and threaded-threaded bulkheads so choose wisely and plan carefully. Good luck!
  19. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I'm now motivated to drill my 20g refugium after all this drilling talk on FL (which I've been planning to do) so as to keep my return pump out of the refug itself and free up some more space. I came across this and thought it may help you understand the basics if your not already familiar? hope this helps :).

  20. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    This is a picture of the tank sitting in my living room with nothing done as of yet. Glad I am waiting and no, I did not know there were different types of bulkheads-more research matsungit!
    1971roadrunner, could not get it to play-error message said try later. Youtube has not played all day for me with the exception of the BRS videos! :(