I Beat Ich And Here's My Experience...

  1. William_Wallace

    William_Wallace New Member Member

    Sunday - noticed very small white spots on RHT and tail of Sev
    Monday - Freaked out and purchased API Super Ich. 30% WC, full dose, raise temp to 82 (over course of a day), lowered water level to increase oxygen from falling water of HOBs
    Tuesday - stared at my fish and prayed
    Wednesday - noticeable improvement. Second full dose
    Thursday - no more spots (their lurking in substrate I know it!)
    Friday - Significant water change focusing on substrate
    Ongoing - 2 weeks at raised temperature and under close observation.

    Just wanted to share my experience with others since I was freaked out the first few days until it got under control.
  2. B

    Brandon_the_fish_guy New Member Member

    You got lucky freaking out is always bad and patience is key
    But good for you did u quarantine