I am setting up another 55gallon....please let me know if this stocking is good!

  1. uncclewis

    uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    This is to be my new 55gallon, please inform on the stocking. Thanks! Let me know if I am missing out on any good compatible fish or etc...

    CN-89928 FW - Siamese Algae Eater (Quantity discount has been applied.), Qty:11

    CN-89882 FW - Rio-Negro Pleco (L 135), Qty:1,

    CN-89913 FW - Boesemani Rainbow, Qty:2,

    CN-89754 FW - Cherry Barb - Small (Quantity discount has been applied.), Qty:4,

    CN-89604 FW - Albino Cherry Barb, Qty:2,

    CN-39501 FW - Gold Barb, Qty:2,

    CN-89336 FW - Farlowella Catfish, Qty:1,

    CN-89957 FW - Cardinal Tetra - Large (Quantity discount has been applied.), Qty:3,

    CN-80678 FW - Assorted Pencilfish, Qty:1,

    CN-39924 FW - Bee Shrimp (Quantity discount has been applied.), Qty:7,
  2. Airth

    Airth Valued Member Member

    I'm not sure about doing 11 Siamese algae eaters. . . looking at live aquaria they get to 6"? Maybe substitute them with ottos instead as they remain much smaller.
  3. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You have too many schooling fish. 2 mid/top dwelling schooling species are recommended in a 55 gal.
  4. OP

    uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    WOW. thanks lol. Guess I'll just get a 2 of the schoolers and put them in bigger groups. Im use to stocking bigger tanks. And I'm moving out of my safe zone: angel, clown loaches, otocinculus, into other fish. Hehe. I clearly don't know enough about them. Glad I didn't buy them yet