I am DONE with Stealth Heaters


A while ago I had a 100W Stealth heater fail on me, but I caught it right away before the temperature dropped and it wasn't a big deal. Heater was about 3 years old.

Then a few months ago I had a 50W Stealth heater fail on my 10gal tank with my baby Shellies, and I lost one of them because they were quite young and the temperature fell 10 degrees quickly (middle of the winter).

Today was the final straw. I had removed all my other stealths (another 50W and another 100W), but left the two 200W heaters in my 90g. One was located in the overflow and the other in the first compartment of the sump, so they have been babies, and are only 2 years old. Plus there were two, so hey if one failed the other would have it's work cut out for it, and in the winter the tank would probably fall a few degrees, but it would be slow in that volume of water and I could catch it in time....right?

Today I came home from work and one of them had failed. Not a big deal in the summer and with a second heater as backup, except that it failed HIGH. The tank, which is normally kept at 77 degrees, was at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 95. The two albino bristlenose I have raised from 1/2" long to 4" and which were just finally getting really nice bristles, and the 8 2" Bleeding Heart Tetra were dead. So far everyone else is still alive, but they are stressed...I am bringing the temp down as fast as I can without stressing them more, and keep the water as aerated as I can...hopefully they make it. Even with the 10 dead fish, the water test showed no ammonia or nitrite so that's a blessing...pays to have an oversized homemade sump sometimes.

So yeah, I am done. This is just ridiculous and my fish are paying for it with their lives. At the very least I will require every heater I have to have an on/off indicator light as an extra measure of safety.



Oh Shaina, that's really terrible.

The only good thing is that Marineland's customer service is supposed to be excellent. I have even heard of them refunding money for livestock lost as a result of malfunctions. I'm not saying that will definitely work, but it might be worth a try.

Again, sorry for your loss.


Oh wow that's terrible!
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Well I can hardly believe it but the Angelfish, both Geophagus, the three Pictus, the Royal Panaque, the three Rosy Tetra, and the three SAE (aka, everyone except those stated above) survived and seem to be recovering well. The Rosy Tetra seem stressed still...I'm not sure whether it's aftereffects of the heat or because they miss shoaling with the 8 BH Tetra who passed.

We're supposed to be moving this weekend and I was goign to transfer them to rubbermaids Sunday or Monday...now I'm thinking I will give them a little more time to recover first.

If nothing else, I guess it shows that they were in really good health before being nearly broiled alive... :-\
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