I am confused with KH and GH

  1. Mrscottio Member Member

    Just got a new test kit and tested my water hardness at the moment I have a GH of 14 and KH of 5 can anyone please tell if it's soft or hard water and what fish can go in the tank
  2. DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    Your water is on the harder side, you should be good with any fish really unless you were wanting something like wild caught amazonian region fish that are used to soft water.

    The majority of fish have become accustomed to a much wider range of hardness and pH values since they have been in the hobby so long and are often bred in captivity.

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    Hi, you have hard water (GH) as mentioned, live bearers, mollies, guppies, platies would love your water but I agree that "most" fish can adapt to the harder water.

    Your KH looks good at 5 drops. This should hold your ph steady with weekly water changes :)

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    Thank you
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