I am a fish breeder im here to answer questions if you need help

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    Hey my name is jay I am a fish breeder been breeding fish now for 17 years.Ive been doing it for a very long time IM here to help with anything you need help with.I am a breeder of fish for profit and show.So I'm here to offer my assistant's to anyone who needs it can answer questions. Feel free to ask.
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    do you think that not adding water conditioners to your water after water changes will stunt the growth of your fish, it haven't kill my friends fish for some reason. he have about 25 mbuna in an 125 gallon.
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    jays guppies

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    Honestly it just really depends on the water were you live I always have used conditioner in my tanks but I do know some of my customers dont use them and everything is good.i would suggest you use it to be safe but that's your call
  4. xD1x

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    alright, then i guess we would have to test his water, and start adding water conditioner.
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    What's your method of catching the fry? Breeder nets are a failure for me, I'm going to try and start using a separate tank and moving the female over when she's ready to drop. But what if she drops them in my main tank? I won't be able to net the fry with all my plants.

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  6. OP
    jays guppies

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    If you think shes so ready and get it out the way it will be easier that way
  7. junebug

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    Oh dear.... This is interesting.
    kidster9700 it's best to just leave fry alone if they're dropped in a tank like yours. Trying to flush them out to net them will just get them eaten. You're best off moving mom to a separate tank, in a breeding box with a separate fry compartment, when she's near ready to drop.
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    Hello Jay, Welcome to fishlore!!!

    Even as an experienced fish keeper, there is tons of information still to be learned. I hope you will be happy here and will be able to learn more about the fish you keep and other fish that may be of interest to you.

    What fish are you keeping now? You stated that you breed several kinds of fish. Do you keep any in tanks for enjoyment?
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