hyposality ???

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by Ocean Lover, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Ocean Lover

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    Okay I have introduced ick to my tank it is not out of hand and want to keep it that way. So I plan to lower the salt level. But I do have a anemone and a star fish and a coral banded shrimp , snail and hermits. Do this guys need to be removed to lower the salt level??

    :-\ ???
  2. Butterfly

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    Sorry your having ICH problems. I'm not sure about the answer to your questions. Lets see if our saltys can find an answer for you.
  3. David C

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    Do you have a QT? If not, set one up. From what I understand, everything is susceptible to the hyposalinity, hence why it works to rid ich. The way I've read to treat ich in tank is to transfer livestock (fish) to a QT for 6 weeks and let your DT (display tank) do it's thing while the ich completes it's lifecycle without anything to infect. Google the ich lifecycle and it will explain the specifics on how to do it.

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    Hyposalinity always stresses fish out more, cause their immune system weaker than it is right now to fight ick. invertabrates are sensitive to swings of their water parameters. Raising the temp at 86F very slowly will speed up the life cycle of the ich and be more easy to kill, while having your invertabrates out of DT and treat the tank as they also dont tolerate medications.