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    Anyone else use Autopots? I originally wanted to set up an NFT setup, but I don't have power in my greenhouse to run a pump.

    And the local hydroponic shop seems to cater to the weed growers rather than greenhouse veggie growers.

    So, I ended up with autopots from a hydroponics shop an hour drive away. I have six 15 liter pots and 6 double 8.5L pots on a 47 L reservoir. About half of my pots are full of shredded coconut, the other half with clay pebbles. They have a valve in the base that refills a tray under the pot with nutrient mix once it runs dry.

    I'm not really sure how to handle the nutrient mix over winter? I use an A+B mix that says to use 10ml of each per liter. That seems fine over summer, where I'm going through about 40-100L of nutrient per week.

    But over winter I'm using maybe 3-4L/week? Of course, the growth rate is down to almost zero, but presumably I still need to increase the concentration a bit?
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    Not much to see really. I've just removed a bunch of lettuces because they were going to seed.

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