Hydrogen Peroxide

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  1. DioAquatics

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    So I've read that you can use ydrogen peroxide to disinfect/clean tanks, and it will kill any type of algae also. Has anyone ever tried this? Please let me know how everything is going with yout tank and fish
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    I've used hydrogen peroxide to kill algae before but I only did it once. It helped a little but I was too nervous to do it more than once.
  3. OP

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    How much did you dose your tank with?
  4. Jim

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  5. tyguy7760

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    I used a syringe and spot treated some plants. But soon after the algae came right back and i realized then there was little I could do since the tank was in a very sunlight filled room. That's why the 75 is in a different room.
  6. OP

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    Jim, what size tank have you used this method on? That thread states that I should use 4 tbsp of 3% HP per 10 gal, I have a 55 gallon so that would be 22 tbsp of HP for my tank. That sure does seem like a lot. I'm just nervous as I don't want anything to my fish or inverts.
  7. LJC6780

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    Just for a visual that translates into 11 oz.
  8. OP

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    Yea that sure is a lot lol
  9. danieltaylor

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    Hydrogen peroxide is safe its elemental compound is h2O2 so its only hydrogen and oxygen. you can actually use hydrogen peroxide to make an pure O2 pump out of hydrogen peroxide if you ever had an emergency and had to get your fish oxygen. But on the subject yes the normal 3% hydrogen peroxide is safe
  10. AquariumQuirks

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    I love hydrogen peroxide! It has so many uses in aquariums!
    What I like to do to keep algae in check and to prevent sickness is to add 0.5-1ml of hydrogen peroxide per gallon of water every 3 days. (please note I only do this on some tanks and not all the time.)

    You can also take a syringe and spray HP directly on algae. (you can use 1ml per gallon) it will start bubbling then die in a couple of days. This is a great method of getting rid of BBA and other hard to kill algae. It's best to turn off pumps and air stones so there isn't as much circulation but be very careful if there is fish in the tank! HP will hurt their gills. If you do have fish in the tank its best to leave the filtration on.

    If your fish has a cut or something I like to squirt a TINY amount of HP right by the wound to help stop infections (after you do this add 1ml per gallon) If you have a bigger fish you can even take them out of the water and dab it on or squirt it on, just be sure to avoid the gills. HP is very bad for gills!

    You can even boost O2 levels for transport or if fish are gasping just add 0.5ml per gallon of water.

    HP will clear your tank within 48 hours after adding it. A general safe amount for fish and plants is 1ml per gallon. I wouldn't go above that unless you really need to or if there are no fish in the tank. Light also speeds up the process of breaking it down so if you are trying to kill algae its best to keep lights off.

    Keep in mind that HP is a dangerous material and can kill sensitive fish or plants so be careful when using it. Also excessive use or in high dosages it will kill all of the bacteria in your tank including beneficial bacteria and you will have to re-cycle your tank. In the same respect that makes it great for fighting bacterial infections and things like BGA.

    Great information on HP.
  11. AquariumQuirks

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    Don't use that much HP! The most I would ever use is 2ml per gallon and even that is a dangerous dosage especially for sensitive fish or plants.