Hydrogen peroxide and black beard algae

  1. Jaci Initiate Member

    Hi, I'm fairly new to fish keeping and have been battling a black beard algae outbreak. I'm starting to get on top of it but it's on my heater and filter. I was advised that I can soak them in hydrogen peroxide for 10 mins then put them back in and it will die. Is this accurate? Is this safe for my fish? Do I rinse then before putting them back or will this stop it working? Any other suggestions for getting it off my heater and filter?
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. varmint Well Known Member Member

    Before anyone can help, you need to describe your setup. How big is your tank? How many fish? What are your parameters? What is your water change schedule? We are not trying to make hard on you but need the info, in order to give you answers to your problems.
  3. Jaci Initiate Member

    No that's fine. I have an 80L (20 gallon) tank. I currently have an angelfish, corydora and 2 kuhli loaches. I have unintentionally caused my cycle to crash . I've just done a massive water change and am letting everything settle before I test the water. It has been up and running fine for around 10 months. I'm not really sure what I did but I assume I've done something wrong in my attempts to kill the BBA. Prior to stuffing the cycle I had 0 ammonia and nitrites and around 10 nitrates. I water change once a week usually.
    I've read that the whole tank can be treated to kill the BBA (I've read you can use Excel or Hydrogen Peroxide) but I'm a bit concerned about treating the whole tank since I have crashed the cycle and have fish, I think it would be too much for them to cope with. I had a reasonable heavily planted tank, I'm so frustrated that I'm intending of ditching all my plants and starting over with them (they're totally covered). But I have driftwood (with anubias attached, but I assume I'm going to lose that too) and the heater and filter with the BBA on it that I'm not too sure what to do with. I would ideally like to do something in one hit that will get rid of the algae off these things so I can set my tank back up fresh and get on with cycling it again. Is there anyway to do this?
  4. Jaci Initiate Member

    Wow, sorry for writing a book! I hope someone can help me :)
  5. varmint Well Known Member Member

    If you believe your cycle has crashed then I would not worry about the algea right now. I suggest you get a bottle of Stability and use as per directions on the bottle ie. 7 day treatment. Test right away for NH3-4 and N02. If you have Amonia or Nitrites then use Prime to protect your fish.
  6. Jaci Initiate Member

    That's fine. Any advice for when I get up and running again? Any chance the algae is what caused my cycle to crash?
  7. mschwegler Member Member

    I'll just provide you with my A.E.O. (amateur expert opinion).

    You can use h202 to treat algae outbreaks on your plants. I would start with more hardy plants and cheaper plants that you're not too worried about if they die (not likely, but could happen) create a mix of 2:1 or 3:1 water:peroxide and treat the plant. (this is a dip only, do not put this much into your tank)

    If it worked, then after a day or 2, the bba will start to turn orange. It won't affect your fish when you put the plant back in since the bubbles are the additional O molecule off gassing leaving you with just h20 (water).

    You will still probably have to treat the whole tank since its probably growing on the driftwood and decor also, and if the h2o2 worked on the plants then it will kill the bba in the tank.

    The ratio you should start with for whole tank treatment is 1-2 ml/4 L. Spot treat just before you do a WC, let it sit for about 15 minutes with the filter off and do a large WC (50-75%).

    Continue dosing excel per the directions (5ml per 40l after large WC then 1ml per 40l every day after.
  8. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    How did you "crash" your cycle? I'm not understanding in all of this how you accomplished this
  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Not likely. What's your maintenance schedule like? Did you rinse your filter media in tap water or throw out a cartridge?
  10. Jaci Initiate Member

    I have no idea what I've done. All I know is when I checked my water this weekend before doing my weekly water change my readings were all over the place. I haven't done anything unusual, so I don't know what's happened. I still have the same filter so I'm hoping it won't take long to cycle again.
  11. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    What were the readings? This information can help us help you.
  12. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Hmm. What are your normal readings and what were the unusual ones? Perhaps if you can give us numbers we can figure out what changed.
  13. Jaci Initiate Member

    My readings today were ammonia 0.5, nitrite 0.5 and nitrates 0. Normally ammonia and nitrites are 0 and nitrates are around 10, sometimes 5.
  14. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Have you tested your source water?
  15. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Nitrates at 0? Any nitrate reducers in the tank? How large of a water change?

    Did you beat the living heck out of bottle #2?

    I'm thoroughly confused about the missing nitrates.
  16. Jaci Initiate Member

    No, never gave it a thought. I have tested it in the past and it's was fine.
  17. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    How large of a water change and was the screwy test before or after the change?
  18. Jaci Initiate Member

    I've added nothing to the tank other than prime. I haven't checked my water since I did the water change this morning, I did an 80% water change. Normally only to do around 15%. I've been waiting a while for my water to settle down from the water change before testing it again (I was advised not to test it immediately, is that right?).
  19. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    That was before the water change? My mind is starting to go overdrive with the missing nitrates.

    I'd beat up the #2 bottle before testing the nitrates.

    I'd be curious about the parameters right now to be honest and check tomorrow when it's settled. Got to lace for a bit but will check back in in the morning if things haven't gotten less screwy
  20. Jaci Initiate Member

    Thanks. I thought I did the nitrates test right but maybe I stuffed it up. I will test again shortly and report back my reading. Thanks for the help