Hydra Issue In 5 Gallon

  1. Fierce Betta

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    Hello everyone,

    Two Saturdays ago I noticed a few hydras I. My tank and took immediate action. Which consisted of:

    1) Siphoning as much as possible and removing any gravel I could find on them.

    2) Taking out the plants (live ones) which probably were what introduced them into my tank. I placed them in different containers with alum (to remove some algae). Those are under observation.

    3) Placed my betta in temporary carrier tank. He was hiding away from them.

    4) I did bleach the only ornament I had in the 1/10 solution. But, I'll probably just purchase another one.

    5) Reduced the amount of water in the tank to less than 50%, removed the light source and ceased putting any in the tank.

    I have searched the forums and around the web and would prefer to use chemicals as a last resort. Ideally, I would like to treat this with the hearing method to 104 C. However, I haven't found a method to accomplish this. So if there is one, I would much appreciate it.

    That said, if necessary I'll use chemicals. While I can't find Flubendazole, I have found Fenbendazole and am aware the dosing method is different. What is the prescribed water change amounts and frequency? I did read a journal on the matter but still am not too sure.

    Also my tank size is 5 gal, with a filter, a heater that keeps him toasty at around 80 C., 25% water changes once every 2 weeks with a siphon. Light source is LED.
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    Welcome to Fishlore, sorry your first post is about a problem, hope our members can help you today
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    If it's only 5 gallons I think there's a good chance it will fit in your oven.

    I see you've got the rare extremophile Betta, known for living in geothermal pools and volcanic vents?
  4. OP
    Fierce Betta

    Fierce Betta New Member Member

    Thank you! I hope the problem can get sorted out soon. My betta isn't too happy in his back-up tank.

    Well I purchased him in HI where the average room temp (no AC) was between 75-80 F. Just relocated to a state where it's nowhere near that temp due to AC and climate (usually 70 C). So he's used to and prefers it to be toasty.