Hurt Angelfish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Squirrelmanajh, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. SquirrelmanajhValued MemberMember

    I didn't totally know where to put this so if this is the wrong spot feel free to move it.

    Last night I was looking at my angelfish and I noticed that his left ventral fin is gone. I only got him last week so I'm not sure if he had it when I got him (I can't remember at all). What can I do about this? And if he had it when I got him, what could have happened to it? I have 2 Serpae Tetras and 6 Black Skirt Tetras and occasionaly I see them nip at him, but could they have ripped it completely off? Any help or suggestions would be wonderful!
  2. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    If you see nipping, then that is the obvious cause. But check water parameters. My angels get fin rot when the nitrate stays above 30 ppm.
  3. SquirrelmanajhValued MemberMember

    Can fin rot make his whole right ventral fall off? Like the long skinny fin on the bottom is just gone.
  4. fbnWell Known MemberMember

    I imagine it is nipping. Both of those tetras are known fin nippers. I don't have trouble with my Black Skirt Tetras nipping, but I don't have fish with long, flowy fins like an angelfish, either.

    It could be the Serpaes, also. You may want to get a few more (like 3) since they are a schooling fish if you have the tank space. Good Luck!
  5. SquirrelmanajhValued MemberMember

    well, I'm trying to rehome the serpaes and I'm still thinking about what to do with the black skirts.

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