Hurrah, 5 R.I.Ps and a couple of questions.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by minceymeatpie, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. minceymeatpieNew MemberMember

    So I got home today and tested my water and lo and behold! Nitrates of 20, no ammonia, no nitrites! Kinda sad that I lost 4 black neons and 2 neon tetras during the startup but I figure I've learned my lesson.

    Having said that, now I am wondering when I can add Runty my sole survivor currently living in the 6g Fluval Edge to the 20g tank? (20g has currently got 4 black neons, 5 neon tetras, 1 BN pleco and 1 clown pleco)

    One problem is that when the tank was cycling, I noted small white spots on one of the dead black neons and immediately decided he had ich. Although now I am second-guessing this diagnosis, the tank's temp has been at 30deg for the last week. I am not sure how long to keep the temp that high.

    So my hurrah: I think my tank is cycled! (Feel free to disabuse me of this notion in case I am wrong)

    R.I.Ps: 4 black neons, 2 neon tetras (who went swimming into the filter)

    When can I transfer Runty to the 20g? The newest addition to that tank has been there 6 days. Should I wait another 8 days to complete a 2 week quarantine?

    Should I keep the temp at 30deg permanently or drop it? The plecos do not seem to mind; I have an Aquaclear 70 and Aquaclear 30 plus an airstone running on the 20g tank.

    You guys have really helped me through this process! I have learned a ton!

    P.S. I lied, I have a 3rd question: if I kept the tank at 30deg permanently does that mean I will never ever have another outbreak of ich?
  2. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Since you just cycled, I would wait at least another 8 days before adding Runty. That is just me being conservative because I couldn't figure out from your post exactly what Runty is.

    I would also bring the tank temp down to the proper range for your fish. Keeping your water parameters in check and doing weekly partial water changes will go a long way in insuring you never have Ich.
  3. pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    The ich life cycle is only about 10 days total, so if you have had the temp up and been doing regular gravel vacs and your fish are showing no signs, I would give it an extra day beyond and then slowly start to bring the temp down, I usually do about 2-4 degrees per day done at 2 temp changes per day.

    As for runty I would wait until the main tank is brought back into normal running operation so it gives him the best chance to fit in with as little stress as possible.
  4. can haz catfishies?Valued MemberMember

    I have temperature treated for ich on a couple tanks, your best to keep the temp up for 14days that way you know you have given time for 2life cycles and then a couple more to be sure it is gone, but you do need to make sure you have an air stone or suchlike in there to keep the O2 levels up as the warmer the water the less oxygen it contains, also if you drop the temp too soon and some of. The ich survives you will find it becomes resistant to heat next time round so make sure you have a few days with no sign before slowly lowering the tank temp back down

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