Hungry mollies?

  1. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Ok originally when i saw my mollies at the surface "gasping for air" i panicked thinking they were dying but after monitoring their behavior I've realized they only do it when they see me walk up to the tank. Sooooooo i fed them and they gobbled it up and were back to swimming around. I'm pretty sure feeding twice a day is all that's recommended, but honestly i have to be over feeding them because i fed them 3 or 4 times a day.

    Am i not feeding enough during feedings or are these just some needy fish? I do 1 pinch for each fish. Should i just keep feeding until they stop eating and clean the rest, leave it at 2 feedings no matter how much they beg lol?
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    If they're anything like Bettas they'll eat until they burst and then beg some more! You've got to harden your heart. It's tough, but it's better for them. Honest:)
  3. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Actually my betta is not eating well :( he hasn't since we got him May 16th. I tried flakes, he won't eat them. I tried pellets but they didn't float, false advertising. I bought a different brand pellet but he spit them out. I even tried crushed turtle pellets but he spit those out too. The turtle pellets were actually for his tank mates, mystery snails. The only thing he will eat is freeze-dried blood worms. But those are treats!! I need him to eat real food. Actually I made gelatin for the snails and the betta nibbled at it pretty good. It's Romain lettuce and tuna. But the next day I dropped another piece in and he didn't touch it.

    I'm at a loss with betta

    This explains why mollies are so dirty. They just eat and poop, repeat.
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Hmm, have you tried any other brand of pellets? Sometimes you just need to keep trying new things until you find what works.

    Another possibility is to put a bucket of water outside and wait for mosquito larvae to hatch then net them out. No self-respecting Betta could possibly ignore them!
  5. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Ewwwew tell me more I've never heard of this before
  6. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in floating clusters on the surface of standing water. When they hatch the larvae become food for a vast number of creatures, especially fish! Our captive-bred fish haven't forgotten the taste;)

    Here's Eddy, getting excited about feeding time:
  7. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    It's not nice to tease your fish lol. Well I already have some flower pots full of water so I'll check them. Or should I use clean bucket? The flower pots are dirty
  8. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    Baxk to your original question. Hungry fish are happy, healthy fish. But you need to be careful not to overfeed. Twice a day feeding is more than enough. I feed my fish once a day. But there are many people who fed once a day, but will skip a day a week as a fasting day.

    Being cold blooded, fish do not require calories to produce body heat. So they can live on less food than you would think.

    It sounds like your betta is a bit finicky. But when he gets hungy enough, he'll eat. But you could try feeding New Life Spectrum betta pellets which contain garlic (or soak some of the pellets you currently have in garlic juice). Fish just can't seem to resist garlic.
  9. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Well now that i know they are just pigs and not suffocating lol ill only feed them 2 times. No matter how pathetic they are ;)
  10. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Good luck with that! They're really going to test your willpower;)