Humidity For Frogs


I mist my 15 gallon terrarium about 4 times a day, and it still drops below the recommended 50-80%. The humidity in my house is 55%. Currently, there are no tadpoles or frogs in the tank, but I have it all set up for them. How can I keep humidity up?

Aquarium details
50% land 50% water
Temp: 78F
Plants: muscodine grape, moss, Java moss in water
Substrate: untreated North Carolina topsoil


Ultrasonic foggers have worked for me with reptiles/amphibians. Put it on a timer so it kicks on intermittently to keep humidity high.Now if this is a half water half land set up I wouldn’t put one with fish/tadpoles. You can add a waterfall in and that will help raise the humidity in that sort of scenario.
Or make yourself a dripper. You can buy them but it’s just a jug full of water with some airline glue in the bottom, use a flow control valve to let the water just slowly drip out into your features around the heat lamp.


I bought a cheap humidifier online - it's excellent! It was only around $25, holds around 2.3 litres and automatically turns off when empty. I love it. Also, adjustable fog. It's silent too. I simply attach some tubing to the top (I take the top lid off) and feed the hose to the tank. My frog loves it and is far more active since I got it.
It's much cheaper than branded reptile ones but better IMO.
Also, mine has been running for a year with no problems at all.
Heres a link.
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