Humbug Damsel terrorizing new Goby

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    swannie New Member Member

    I have 2 humbug damsels, one clownfish, 2 yellow tailed damsels and a dwarf blue angel (I think as I inherited them all and not sure about this guys Genus).
    I added in a Fire Goby two days ago. When I put him in the water I then fed them and he was right in there going after the food like the rest of them. Until the bigger of the humbug damsels started going after it. The little goby fought back for a bit trying to eat but then gave up and dove into the LR. I havent seen him since.
    Will, he come out? Will the Damsel let him or will he just harrass him to death? Is there anyway I can make the Damsel not so territorial? If not, does this mean I can never add more fish?
  2. N

    Naeusu Valued Member Member

    if you don't have any corals one trick is to rearrange a bit of the rock. the fish don't understand and simply think they've moved to a new spot and have to redefine their territories.
  3. OP

    swannie New Member Member

    I have no coral so I will try that. It will upset my blue angel because he has created him/herself a fine little burrow but I feel pretty bad for the fire gobbie.
  4. locoyo386

    locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    Hi there,
    Not sure how long your damsels have been in the tank prior to puting in the new goby. If it's been a while like 2-4 weeks, then the damsels most likely will end up killing the goby. Once those buggers get really well aquainted with the tank and claim it as their own, then you are pretty much gonig to have a hard time adding any other fish to the tank. The fish would have to be just as aggressive as the damsels and bee bigger then they are to be able to survive their constant harassment. Even large fish like Angels can be pushed away from territory by damsels, they might not kill them but they will stand their ground with other aggressive fish.

    You could try to rearange the tank when wanting to put new fish, but at the end they might still become aggressive towards the fish if it shows any kind of weekness. You could try to remove the samsels and place them in a QT while the new fish gets really aquainted with the new tank then slowly add the samsels. This might also be a temporary fix, as the damsels are very aggressive. Usually I only house the lest aggressive damsels when I know I am going to have other fish with them, otherwise I just house the damsels only, or with other fish with similar aggression.