Huge Mistake!! All My Fish Are At Risk!


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I got this goldfish (rescue) from someone who had it in their horses water trough all summer. It survived the summer, so she didn’t want it. I took it, and put it in a 20 gallon quarantine tank. The first 2 days he was fine, but now he has fuzz on his head, and is going crazy (darting around the tank, trying to jump out of tank).

Today, I was feeding my fish, when one of my zebra danios (in a different tank) all of a sudden, out of NO WHERE started sinking. He sank all the way to the bottom, and stayed there for 1 minute, then darted back up. He is now acting weird (listless, then kind of swimming really fast).

I use the same water change equipment, and I am terrified I spread a parasite between my tanks. My goldfish, and now my zebra danio are showing similar symptoms. What do I do?

I have a 7 year old betta in my care, and he can’t go down yet! He lives in a separate 10 gallon tank. Luckily, I haven’t done a water change in his tank since the goldfish got here! I will try to keep the parasite contained in these 2 tanks! Please give me advice on what to do. It is possible my zebra danio just choked, and I am making a big deal because I am terrified that the parasite will spread. I made a huge mistake taking that goldfish. Does anyone know how to disinfect water change equipment?

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